Giving Your Garden A Worthwhile Upgrade

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There’s a lot you can do in the garden to make it a more functional area; you can plant plenty of seeds, and split the beds up into a fruits and veg section, and then have a section for the flowers to go to make sure they trail along the path properly. You can also turn the entire space into a jungle, with plenty of overgrown trees and creeper plants, and a rock garden and pond to finish it all off. Either way, everyone has their own outdoor style, and you can do whatever you want with your garden to make sure it’s a paradise of your own making!

But if you haven’t worked on your garden in a while, and you’re starting to think now’s the time to give it a bit of a facelift (seeing as the summer sun is currently illuminating everything!), this post is hopefully here to help you out. Some quick ideas and inspiration to make sure that your garden isn’t trailing behind by still living in winter are below; after all, you always want to make sure any time, money, and effort you invest into an upgrade is going to pay off!

garden benchEnjoy the sun in some style this season by upgrading your outdoor area; simple or not, it’s a worthwhile summer project to keep you occupied! (Image)

Add in Some Stone Features

If you’re someone who likes a bit of DIY, and being able to stand back and admire all of your handiwork, this is a good option for you to undertake. You can easily buy a bag of shingle or flat stones from your local garden centre and then make all kinds of crafts with what’s inside. Seeing as you’ve got an entire garden to outfit with an upgrade, why not make sure a touch of your talent and personality can be found all the way through it?

You can build a lot with stone, from a simple rock garden beneath an apple tree, to an entire sculpture you spent a good few months on. And there’s plenty of different ways for you to slot the stones together and make sure the piece stays standing, especially if you’re planning on building your own stone wall that you’ve seen decorating fields in the deep countryside. Once you’re done, you can wind flowers and other greenery in and out of the holes, and truly make a paradise worthy of honeybees and butterflies.

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But if you don’t like the idea of having to make sure something so extensive stays standing and functional for as long as possible, you can always buy some clay pots and lay them out in whatever pattern takes your fancy. Even just turning them upside down and tilting them backwards a little is great for attracting frogs to your garden; they can make a perfect habitat under there!

Get a Dedicated Patio Area

If you want to be able to spend more time in your garden, but the idea of constantly seeing creepy crawlies and a moss on the pathway doesn’t take your fancy, you need to build yourself a dedicated patio area. You don’t even need to buy stones here either, which can be quite expensive, and instead look into some composite decking. This way you can better look after the area as well, as you can stain the wood to protect against the elements and easily replace any broken slats.

So in building yourself a good patio, you’re going to need some good furniture to accompany it, and simply buying a couple of plastic deck chairs isn’t going to cut the longevity you’re looking out for. Instead, try to get your hands on something made of genuine wood that you can put a good cushion on to make sure they’re comfortable to relax in. You’re going to want a nice ‘coffee’ table as well, to put all your BBQ plates on once you’re done feeding all of your guests in your new and improved garden.

You’re going to want to frame this area as well, and that can be done by including some raised beds and large plant pots around the edges. Even a potting table in the centre of the shady side is going to be a nice focal point, showing off how dedicated you are to your garden, and really complete the look.

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Build Your Plants Up

As we mentioned briefly above, if you build your plants up instead of out, you’re going to have plenty of modern and updated features to your garden. You can do this with stacked planters, via a flower tower, or simply directing the growth of creeping plants up the side of your house. You have a lot of freedom to be creative here, as building plants upwards rather than taking up as much space as you can is something most people are on the lookout for.

Vertical planters are always a contemporary touch, and can be a good way to frame your seating area or the edges of your garden near the fence. It also means you have far more space than you would by sticking to the ground with your planting, and means you can put more and more seeds and bulbs down. If you’ve never had room for a vegetable garden before, and you really want to be cooking some home grown ingredients this summer, now’s your chance to innovate your garden space properly!

Ready to Upgrade Your Garden?

Your garden deserves a little more love and care, and now’s a great chance for you to do just that. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to take so much effort and sweat, as the best times to plant and design are in the early morning with plenty of water on hand.

But once all the work is done, you’re going to have plenty of sunny days outside in your new paradise! And that’s completely worth it, so get on with your ideas now, and host some more fun functions.

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