How To Brighten Your Home to Improve Your Mood

Your mood is affected by many different things, and some of those things are entirely out of our control. However, the home, the space you live in, has a significant effect on mental health, and that is something within your power to change. The space you live in can actually be a reflection on how you feel, so if your house is messy, cluttered, and dark, what does that say about you? And, if the mental state reflects on your home, the reverse is also true, i.e., the house reflects on you. The tried and tested theory is, for example, if you open up space and make things brighter, you will become brighter as a result. We have come up with a few simple ways to help you liven up your living space.

How To Brighten Your Home to Improve Your MoodImage from Pixabay

Become a minimalist

How often have you heard the expression your possessions own you? Do you live in a home that is clogged up with things? Becoming a minimalist does not necessarily mean throwing everything you have away and sitting on a rug in the middle of the living room. You can start with simple decluttering. Cleaning out drawers of rubbish, old things, broken things, things you have seen since the start of the century. Begin small and get rid of the little things. Once you make space in drawers and cupboards, other things can be tidied away more easily. Clearing space will make you feel less oppressed, and the act of decluttering is in itself an act of meditation. By throwing things away, you are symbolically letting go of the past and lightening your load as a result.       

Reorganize your furniture

Think about whether or not you can reorganize things to allow in more natural light. Natural light is a mood enhancer, and moving something may make it easier to open a curtain. Perhaps you have a large item, such as a wardrobe standing near a window. If you are living in the sticks, you want to be able to open up that window and allow in some fresh air too. Clearing the window area will give you the space to do that.


Lightening the walls with a lick of paint will go a long way. It will help bounce the light from the windows around the room, and symbolically it will make the home seem new again, a new start. In addition, don’t let any paint go to waste. How about sanding down an old cupboard and painting that too. The lighter things are in the home, the brighter you will feel. Therefore your mood is enhanced. 


Every home can do with a makeover every now and again. When was the last time your home saw one? Just after you moved in, and how long ago was that now. It is a great plan to upgrade the most important room, so why not get one of the shaker kitchens. Your beautiful country home deserves something timeless and elegant, and there is nothing like a brand new, bright, and airy kitchen to brighten your mood.

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