Seven Tips For A Low Maintenance Garden

Not all of us are blessed with green fingers, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t want a beautiful garden. Whether you need a low maintenance garden because you’re busy or because you aren’t gifted at keeping plants alive, there are lots of ways you can make your garden look great for minimal effort. 

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  1. Choose the right plant for the right spot. The best way to make your garden easy to maintain is to plant the right things in the right places. Don’t buy a plant without knowing exactly where you’re going to put it. Choose varieties that won’t overgrow the space. Know your garden’s soil and the kind of light it gets, so you can pick plants that will flourish in those conditions.
  2. Swap your lawn for artificial grass. Keeping the lawn mowed and looking good can take up a lot of time and is an unpopular job even with keen gardens. Artificial grass does need some care to keep it looking at its best, but it’s much lower maintenance than real grass.

  3. Get plants off to a good start. Planting properly and adding extra nutrients will help your plants get off to a strong start. Don’t plant too deep, and always add extra nutrients to help establish plants more quickly and help them to build their root systems.

  4. Consider the size and spaces for plants. When you’re looking at new plants, keep the plant size in mind and where you’re planning to put them in the garden. You don’t want to overpower your garden with tall plants, whereas too many low plants may not give enough variety. Don’t overshadow small plants with larger ones. Use the sizes on the plant labels as a guideline. Remember that the end size will also depend on soil, weather and placement.
  5. Use mulch. Add a thick layer of mulch (around 2 inches) around your plants. This blocks a lot of sunlight to the soil, which prevents weeds from sprouting. Mulch also helps the soil to retain moisture, which is good for your plants! Leave a gap around your plants of about an inch.

  6. Make watering easy. A drip irrigation system makes watering your garden incredibly easy, no matter how busy you are. You can add a timer and your garden will be watered automatically, with no need for you to do a thing. You could also use a soaker hose under the mulch layer to make watering easier too. The best time to water is in the morning.

  7. Choose sturdy plants. If gardening is not one of your skills, then choose sturdy, healthy plants. Stay away from anything that needs special care, or anything that is fast-spreading or invasive, as they are much harder to maintain. Hardy plants are much harder to accidentally kill off. At the garden centre, ask a member of staff for advice, and they can help you find plants that will suit both your garden and your skill level. No more wondering why you can’t keep a plant alive! 

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