5 Fast Ways to Make Your Garden Look Amazing

5 Fast Ways to Make Your Garden Look AmazingPixabay – CCO Licence

A great looking garden doesn’t just enhance your property, it increases your living space and gives you an outdoor space you can truly enjoy. Whether you want to dine al fresco, play games as a family or simply enjoy the birdsong in the summer evenings, creating a stunning garden will give you endless possibilities. 

However, crafting the perfect garden can take a significant amount of time. If you want to speed up the process and start enjoying your garden right away, take a look at these innovative and quick ways to make your garden look amazing…

  1. Switch terracotta for coloured pots

If you want to add an instant splash of colour to your garden or yard, opt for coloured pots. Available in a range of materials, you can use grey, black and white hues if you’re aiming for a contemporary finish, or increase the vibrancy with bright pinks, blues and purples. With matt and gloss finishes, there is plenty of scope to add a range of textures to your outdoor space, as well as increasing colour combinations. 

While coloured pots look fabulous all year round, they’re particularly effective in autumn and winter. When plants are pruned, cut back or have lost their buds, the pots will add a much-needed burst of colour until spring arrives and your plants come back to life. 

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  1. Get the perfect lawn

Nothing beats a perfectly manicured lawn when it comes to creating an amazing garden. If you attempt to lay new turf, however, you could be waiting quite some time until you have a lawn you can be proud of. As well as protecting grass from frost in colder weather, you’ll spend an inordinate amount of time preventing it from burning in the spring and summer. 

Fortunately, there is an easy and super-quick way to get the perfect lawn. With artificial grass, you can blanket your garden in lush, green lawn and eradicate the need for ongoing maintenance. When you don’t have to get the lawnmower out on a regular basis, you’ll enjoy your new artificial lawn even more! 

When choosing artificial lawn for your garden, it’s important to remember that there are many different types. Some artificial grass is designed to be more durable, so it’s ideal for gardens that get a lot of use. If you have children who enjoy playing outside or pets who are in the garden every day, for example, you’ll want an artificial lawn that can stand up to constant use. Do some research before you decide which artificial lawn is right for you and you’ll enjoy a long-lasting lawn that looks and feels great. 

  1. Top dress pots and flowerbeds

Growing colourful plants and thriving shrubs is a great way to ensure your garden always look stunning but top dressing really showcases your hard work. Removing around 5cm from the top of pots and flowerbeds will ensure that weeds, moss and leaves are eliminating. When you add fresh soil in its place, the dark hue really enhances the appearance of plants and even makes your garden look neater. 

When top dressing, you don’t have to replace old compost with new soil. If you prefer to use a decorative mulch or even ornamental gravel, you can give your garden a whole new look. Simply make sure your topping of choice will allow for sufficient drainage and keep your plants watered on a regular basis. 

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  1. Install extra lighting

Illuminating your garden means you can enjoy spending time outside well into the evening. The summer nights are ideal for relaxing outdoors, but you’ll need a little extra lighting to ensure you can make the most of it. With endless options out there, you can choose garden lighting that reflects your style. Spotlights work well in a modern, contemporary yard, for example, while outdoor fairy lights are perfect for creating an intimate seating area. 

When installing lighting outside, you may choose to run electrical power from inside your home into your garden. If so, do double-check that this won’t overpower the circuit and seek advice from a professional electrician. Similarly, you’ll need to ensure you choose lights which have been designed for outdoor use when you’re selecting lighting options for your garden.

If you want to enjoy extra lighting outside but you don’t want to go to the trouble of installing extra electrical power, there’s no need to worry. Solar-powered decorative lights look fantastic and don’t require any additional power. Simply place them in the desired location and enjoy the ambience straight away!

  1. Give your patio a makeover

Having a paved area in your garden allows you to use your outdoor space in a wider variety of ways. With the addition of a decent bench, table or chairs, a patio is a great place to enjoy a morning coffee, brunch with friends or a family dinner. Before you can begin making the most of your patio, however, you can enhance its appearance with a makeover. 

Unless your patio has been installed recently, there’s a good chance there’ll be a few weeds growing in between the paving stones. Over time, the pointing or grouting between paving slabs or tiles begins to crack, which allows weeds to grow through. Similarly, this is a prime spot for moss growth, so you’ll need to remove this too if you want to keep your garden looking great. 

Repointing is a fast way to bring an ageing patio back to life, while pressure washing will give paving slabs and concrete a new lease of life. Once complete, don’t forget to add a sealant to help reduce the risk of further damage and you’ll find you have much less maintenance work to do in the future. 

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Keep Your Garden Looking Great

Maintaining an amazing garden can seem like a lot of work but it doesn’t have to be. By making savvy choices when designing and cultivating your garden, you can minimise the amount of time it will take to keep it looking fabulous all year round.

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