3 Unsightly Errors Guaranteed To Make Any Garden Look Scruffy

If you had all the time in the world, then your garden would be perfect. It would be manicured to perfection; neat grass all the same height, carefully tended beds, flowers organised in colour-coordinated rows. It would be wonderful.

The only downside? You don’t have all the time in the world. So while you can appreciate and try to make the most of your outdoor space, there will always be issues. Maintaining a garden can be a nightmare. Weeds are always only too happy to sprout, grass doesn’t grow evenly, and some plants will fail despite your best efforts. Maintaining a garden is often as much about what you can get away with, rather than what is your actual ideal landscaping paradise.

So when you do have time to spend in the garden, it’s natural to want to ensure that time is spent in a valuable way. Rather than jumping from task to task, the best use of your time is to focus on a few specific areas. These are the areas that, if left untended, can make even the most beloved of gardens look scruffy. To avoid this, aim to rectify these common errors, and you can have the garden of your dreams. Or, at least as close to it as someone pushed for time can get!

1) Tattered Pots & Ornaments

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Garden ornaments can be wonderful. They provide character, a little sense of style, a touch of personality. If ornaments are not well cared for, however, the image they portray is one of neglect rather than carefully-selected style pieces.

This is especially true in the aftermath of harsh weather. After every wind storm, do a quick sweep of all your ornaments to ensure they have survived the elements. Chips in pots, spilling soil, or dents in stone structures can all make your garden look messy. When you identify these issues, try to resolve them as quickly as possible.

2) Poorly-Tended Grass

There are a few ways that grass can be poorly-tended. The most obvious is grass that has not been mown, but this isn’t the only sin you need to avoid. Any areas of brown, dead grass will ruin the image of beautiful garden faster than almost anything else.

If you don’t have the time or inclination for proper, year-round lawn care, then it might be worth considering a change. Why not try artificial grass? If you thought an artificial lawn was for sports stadia only, then you’d be surprised how useful faux grass can be in domestic residences. Have a read of Evergreen’s Ultimate Guide to Artificial Grass to see if such a change might be suitable for you.

3) Weeds Through Stone


While weeds are never a good look in a garden, they are at their most unattractive when they are breaking through stone. The stone in question could be gravel, a patio, or just the garden path. Controlling these weeds is key to a garden you can be proud of.

It is often best to just douse stubborn weeds in weedkiller as you see them. If the problem is persistent, then you can always try removing the existing stone, and then relaying them on a bed of landscaping fabric. This will prevent any future weed growth and, combined with the above tips, keep your garden looking presentable all year round.

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