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The Best Cottage Flowers For Your Garden

The time is almost here when your green fingers will begin tingling again, and you will be dying to get back out into the garden to tend to your plants. Winter is almost over, spring is around the corner which means our gardens will be coming back to life.

You can make the most of this time to clear up the dead plants, leaves and weeds in the space, use the Garden Line to help you clear plant beds and prepare for the new season. There are some stunning cottage flowers which will be out in the next few months, and if you fancy trying a new style in your yard this year, these could be the perfect new additions to your space…


Hollyhocks are a perennial or biennial plant which stands tall and proud with star shaped hairs. These flowers usually come in pink, purple, yellow or white and will spread over 3 centimetres wide. They are a stunning cottage flower which can bring a soft floral scent into your space.


Foxgloves are similar in style to Phlox, and stand tall with flowers garnishing the entire stem. Each flower has a tubular shape and usually small polka dots in the centre. These can be in a range of colours such as yellow, pink and purple and are brilliant for attracting bees. However, if you have a pet dog or cat, you cannot plant these as they are poisonous.


If you want to really give that feeling of winding cottage gardens with soft flowers, wisteria is the perfect choice. With twining climbers, this plant is perfect if you guide it over an arch and will give you the most stunning pastel flowers with a floral scent. Typically the flowers will be blue, purple, white or pink.

Rambling Roses

Rambling roses are used much in the same way as wisteria, and will often be used to cover aches or pergolas in the garden. They come in every colour you can imagine including red, pink and yellow – and are a great way to add stunning colour to your garden with minimal effort.


If you want to attract bees into your garden, phlox is the perfect way to do this. These flowers have strong floral scents which will fill your garden and the flowers will create a stunning feature. Tall and proud, the large flowers of the Phlox comes in blue, purple, pink and white, and can last up to 5 weeks.


Peonies are many people’s favourite flower, and it isn’t hard to see why. These stunning plants can be the perfect way to introduce colour into your garden. For a timeless, romantic style of garden, these soft red, pink or white flowers are the ideal candidate.


Cosmos are one of the flowers we most associate with a cottage garden due to their vibrant colour and soft character. They come in a staggering variety of sizes, colours and styles so you can find a cosmos to suit any garden you have. They are annual flowers and are very easy to grow which makes them the perfect addition to a cottage garden.

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