Counselling – take 4

As I blogged about previously, the new counsellor I saw had given me some homework. Last time we decided that I needed to get out more, basically, to take my mind off grieving all of the time (obviously I can still grieve, but it was consuming me) so that’s what I’ve been doing.

I also had my diary sheet to fill in for my homework (just like being back at school!). On this I had to write what I did, how I felt (and the % of that feeling), and rate the following on a scale of 1-10 – achievement, closeness (to the person the activity was with), and enjoyment. I completed this and she was amazed at how well I had filled it in, so much so that she is making a copy to show to others, of how it should be filled in, as it’s the best she’s ever seen! *Smug moment* This was mainly to see what activities made me feel ‘better’, and to focus on these, and how they made my day pan out. I did see patterns myself. 

I also filled in the depression questionnaire again (for the sixth time now, I think!), and there was a lot of improvement in my responses. On reflection, I have been feeling happier recently. Obviously I still have down days, it’s all part of the grieving process and is to be expected. 

She was pleased with my progress and has now discharged me, but said if I ever feel like I’m not well again, then to go back. I still have my AD’s which I have to go back for a review for when I’ve finished this course, but the counsellor again said I should get at least another couple of month’s worth as 6 months is the minimum recommended time to take them for to avoid relapse.

All in all I just want to say, counselling and AD’s have really helped me to get back to feeling like a part of me again,and they are truly wonderful things. If you need the help, there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, even though there is such a stigma and taboo attached to it. 

You are strong.

You may just need that little more help. 

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  1. So lovely to hear you sounding a little more upbeat. I agree that ADs are amazing things, god knows where id be without them. Keep smiling lovely xxx

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