Weight loss journey – the next step

Not long after the little man arrived, I had lost 17lbs of pregnancy weight (after a 29lb gain). Now it’s starting to slowly creep back on as I’m not being as careful as I could be. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not eating as much as I did during my second trimester, and before I started my weight loss journey, but I could be eating less and exercising more, and I know that. 

So I’ve decided to be more active on MyFitnessPal again, which is a fab calorie and exercise tracking website which many of my friends also use. I lost 50lbs using the website before I fell pregnant, and I still have a way to go, even to get back to that. I’ve been logging regularly again since Tuesday now, and have managed to stay within my calorie allowance. 

The main thing for me now to get on top of, is exercise. Which is why hubby & I have decided to join a gym! I walked 3 miles in total with the pram & little man yesterday to meet hubby from work and walk home, which made my upper legs ache like mad, because I’m not used to walking that much any more as I slowly grew out of the habit when I was pregnant! But I was quite proud of myself, as instead of stopping to wait where I usually do, I carried on walking until I actually bumped into hubby. We have our gym induction later this afternoon, though I am nervous, as we went to get the forms yesterday and it was full of skinny muscly people and we’re both fat! Though the owners were really nice and didn’t look down at us (that’s my preconception of gyms!), so it’s put me a bit more at ease. I did say to hubby though, we just have to remember we are doing it for US (and little man), so not to worry about what other people think. And also that some of these people may have been carrying extra weight before and have slimmed down.

We plan on going at least 3 times a week, and they also do classes such as zumba, boxercise, circuit training, and others, which I plan on attending some of. I WILL meet my weight loss goal by the end of this year, then it will *only* have taken me nearly three years! 

Before I started my journey
Around 50lbs down, around 5
weeks pregnant
My first goal from my relaunch is to get back to the photo on the right!    

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