Wednesday 27th November – 27w
Not much to report other than the fact I am STILL full of cold! 

Friday 29th November – 27w 2d
Finally got around to taking another bump photo today – think the last one was at 17 weeks. I still look tiny I think, but I was fat to start with…

Saturday 30th November – 27w 3d
Tonight we had our first visit of this pregnancy to the antenatal ward. I’ve had lower abdominal pain all day that hasn’t gone away with painkillers, felt sick, and I had a tiny bit of spotting this morning. I had said if I was still the same tomorrow I would go then, but I was convinced to go tonight. Obviously we had little man to think about, but his Uncle was at home so we left him there with him whilst we were at the hospital. We arrived around 7pm, shown to an empty room (when the midwife found one) and were told we’d be seen in around 10 minutes as they were just on shift changeover. So we waited. And waited. And waited until around 7.35pm when the midwife found us! It was nice to have 20 minutes to have a nap though! The midwife took my details, what had been happening, then listened in – the first time this pregnancy so that was pretty special. Luckily all was fine, and baby felt fine too. She didn’t put me on the monitor as I’m a little early yet. As I had had a little spotting, she had a word with the doctor who wanted to check me over ‘down there’. She said she could see a little blood, that there was a little erosion, but that is normal at this stage apparently… Anyway, she took some swabs and they have been sent off, along with a urine sample. I should hear back during next week if there is anything wrong, but I have my GTT next Thursday anyway so she has put a note in my folder for them to chase it up. She also said to call back if I had any more blood or the pain got worse. After picking little man up we eventually got home around 9.30pm, so by the time we’d had dinner, it was a bit of a late night for us! 

Sunday 1st December – 27w 4d
I’ve had a little more pain today but nothing like yesterday, and no spotting so I think all is okay now. It was probably just stretching pains, but better to be safe than sorry, of course! And baby has been wriggling a LOT today – much more than little man did, and he was a wriggler too! I don’t think they ever sleep. I guess I’m wishful thinking that they will change their mind when they arrive…

Tuesday 3rd December – 27w 6d
I’ve been an emotional wreck today. It’s one year since we lost our angel so it was to be expected. I’m shattered. 

At 27 weeks, berry is the size of a cauliflower.
They now resemble what they will look like at birth, except thinner and smaller.
The hearing is mature enough to recognise both Mummy & Daddy’s voices.
The retinas are developing more fully.
They should be able to detect changes in light – if a torch is shined at the belly, they may move to or away from the light.
They are sleeping and waking at regular intervals.


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