The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 39

Wednesday 19th February – 39w
One week until D-Day… And I’ve been asked today if I’ve had the baby yet! The answer is… I’ve also been told I look like I’m ready to explode! Yeah, I feel it too! 

Thursday 20th February – 39w 1d 
I’ve been getting AF type cramps on & off now since the weekend, but they never seem to be coming to anything. As far as I can remember, I had the same for the last couple of weeks before little man arrived. I’m hoping it doesn’t mean this baby is going to arrive over a week late like he did! Nevertheless, I’m at that really fed up stage now. 

Friday 21st February – 39w 2d
I’ve felt funny today like something is going to happen soon… Highly unlikely though! But for the purposes of nesting and (mainly) eviction, I scrubbed the floors down on my hands & knees this evening whilst little man & Daddy were out. Then when I was getting ready for bed I had some major tightening and pressure in my groin which has got me hoping it had got things started! 

Saturday 22nd February – 39w 3d
Getting things started? No such luck. The pain went when I laid down, nothing happened overnight and baby is still in there… But I am absolutely shattered today and have been trying not to nod off whilst little man has been running around like his usual hyper self! I’ve been for a walk and done some nesting, come on baby! 

Sunday 23rd February – 39w 4d
I’m getting really frustrated and fed up with this cramping now as it’s been pretty much constant since Friday night’s pain episode, but it’s leading to nowhere. Grr. I’ve been trying to keep busy today to take my mind off it but it tires me out even more.

I finally booked a maternity shoot for tomorrow, talk about cutting it fine! I had one with little man though so really wanted one this time but thought I’d left it too late. 

Monday 24th February – 39w 5d
Hubby was off work today so I got a lovely lie in which was much needed, thank you! On my first toilet trip of the day though when I stood up from the loo, I had immense pressure and I thought I was going to fall to my knees! Hopefully that was baby fully engaging… (Or the start of things – haha, yeah right!).

Unfortunately we didn’t have the maternity shoot in the end as the photographer’s little boy woke up with what was confirmed as chicken pox and she didn’t want to risk passing it onto me as she’s not immune. I obviously didn’t want to take the risk either so while it’s a bit disappointing for both of us, it’s for the best. Bless her though, she said she’d throw in a freebie when we have a newborn/family shoot. 

Tuesday 25th February – 39w 6d
Well the pressure from yesterday didn’t turn into anything, again. Grr. Though the cramps have gotten a little stronger again, especially after going for a walk. They actually made me stop in my tracks a couple of times too. But still fed up. That is all.

After a discussion on Twitter about home births with Fi from Childcare is fun, I’ve been baking brownies this evening ready for the midwives. I thought it was a lovely gesture, and they might be extra nice to me…

At 39 weeks, berry is the size of a mini watermelon.
Most of the vernix and lanugo has disappeared.
Berry will swallow the lanugo where it will be stored in its bowels, and be part of its first bowel movement. 
They have a steady supply of antibodies from the placenta that will help it fight off infections for the first few months after birth.
Weight gain will continue although at a slower pace.
Movements will begin to slow slightly as they don’t have much room left to move around.

The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 38

Wednesday 12th February – 38w
Two weeks to go!

Once I’d taken little man to nursery this morning, I came home and crawled back into bed – I woke up again 2.5 hours later so I must have needed the sleep! I was awoken by a yucky dream though – with ants crawling all over me! Previous to that one I’d had another one where I was discussing home births with a pregnant friend, and she asked if we needed to provide bed socks for the baby? Anyway…

Thursday 13th February – 38w 1d
I’ve been in so much pain today with this damn SPD, hardly been able to move. Please hurry up baby.

I’ve also come to the decision that we’re having a boy. I don’t know why, just finally have a ‘feeling’! 

Friday 14th February – 38w 2d
Eviction proceedings are now underway! Only spicy food and bouncing on the ball so far, but may have to resort to more drastic measures at some point… Maybe like what got us into this position in the first place! *Snigger*

Saturday 15th February – 38w 3d
I could have fallen asleep standing today. I’m feeling quite fed up now. Sigh. Though I have been getting no end of Braxton Hicks, probably just getting my hopes up…

Sunday 16th February – 38w 4d
Had another strange dream last night. I was just wandering about (somewhere) and I had a really bad urge to pee, so I knocked on somebody’s door to ask to use the toilet – it happened to be a dinosaur that answered…

I’ve also been in tears nearly all day because I’m so tired, little man keeps getting up earlier & earlier and I just can’t take it any more right now. 

Monday 17th February – 38w 5d
After the BH on Saturday, I’ve been getting cramps on & off for the last couple of days, though they don’t seem to be coming to anything. Grr…

Tuesday 18th February – 38w 6d
I had a home visit from the midwife today, as she needed to check my gases anyway (which are all still okay by the way) so there was no point in me going in. All is well with me – BP is fine, and for once my wee was clear of anything! Bump is still measuring 37 weeks but it’s nothing of concern at the minute as it’s only one week behind. Baby’s heartbeat was fine and they are still head down, but still only 1/5 engaged which deflated me a bit – was hoping it may have moved further down by now! Oh well, at least it’s not going back the other way! The BH have reappeared too, leaving me quite breathless…

At 38 weeks, berry is the size of a leek.
They may have taken their first bowel movement of meconium by now!
They are practicing breathing and urinating.
They can use their fingers to grasp very tightly.
The fat stores are still continuing to build.

The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 37

Wednesday 5th February – 37w
I am term! Eviction proceedings will commence shortly. And I’m just the usual tired & achy. 

Hiccup placements last night were feeling like baby was going to burst out there & then though. 

I also weighed myself today – I haven’t done very often this pregnancy as I am making better choices than last time, but I still like to know how I am going every so often. I’ve gained 19 lbs so far, which is 10 lbs less than the total I gained with little man, so I’m pleased.

Thursday 6th February – 37w 1d
The midwife rang this morning to sort out about bringing my gas & air for my home birth. It was supposed to be coming tomorrow. When I was shopping this evening I had another call saying that the gas & air would be delayed as they would like me to see the consultant first to see if it was okay, because of my BMI & the fact I was on fluoxetine at the beginning of my pregnancy. She left this as a voicemail as I missed the call so I got myself in a right state thinking that I wouldn’t be able to have one now. I rang her back to get more information and she said that they as a team don’t see any problems with a home birth for me but they would like me to see the consultant anyway. BUT that even if he said no, they would still let me have one but they would need to come out first to form sort of plan. That made me feel a bit better. So I have an appointment with the consultant next Tuesday. 

Friday 7th February – 37w 2d
I’ve really been craving chocolate lately. Baby must need it. 

Sunday 9th February – 37w 4d
Today I’ve had mega backache and also period type cramps like the day before I went into labour with little man. Hoping it’s just a false alarm as I really want to wait now until I’ve seen the consultant! 

Monday 10th February – 37w 5d
I’ve had those cramps again today…

Tuesday 11th February – 37w 6d
So we saw the consultant today – well, his registrar actually. This was combined with a check up – baby is fine, still 1/5 engaged, good heart rate and I’m measuring 37 weeks. My BP was fine but there was traces in my sample again, though my last one came back fine. The registrar just asked a few questions – she didn’t even ask about my BMI so that obviously wasn’t a concern to them, it was mainly the fluoxetine. She went and had a chat with the consultant and he said it was all OK and I was signed off, yay! The midwife rang me this afternoon to find out what he said, and arranged to bring my gases which were brought promptly this evening! They are currently hiding away in the cupboard… But baby, you can come out whenever you like now! 

At 37 weeks, berry is the size of a leek.
They are now considered full term!
Fat continues to be added at a rate of half an ounce a day.
The head is cradled in the uterus by the pelvic cavity surrounded and protected by the pelvic bones.
Most of the lanugo & vernix has disappeared. Baby will swallow these along with other secretions and they will become the first poo – the meconium!

The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 36

Wednesday 29th January – 36w
We finally bought baby their first outfit today – well, not so much an outfit but babygro etc. Exciting! Also managed to get another bump photo – it still looks small but it feels gigantic to me! Though I think baby is a bit low today.

Thursday 30th January – 36w 1d
I woke up with really bad heartburn (the worst yet) in the middle of the night so I didn’t get much sleep last night. Though when I did sleep I think I slept funny as I’ve been so achy today.

Friday 31st January – 36w 2d
I had my 36 week MOT with the midwife today. Baby is measuring right on ‘target’ (though looking at the centile chart they have stuck in this time based on what little man weighed, this one is aiming for around 9lb 9oz! Little man weighed 7lb 8.5oz!), the heartbeat was all good, and they are very low down and 1/5 engaged! Regarding me, my BP was fine, though my sample showed I may have a UTI  but she said they will ring me if so when the results come back. She also had to do a blood test to check my iron levels but couldn’t get any, she left me with a nice bruise though. I ended up going up to pathology at the hospital in the end. My home birth also looks all set to go and they will ring me next week to let me know when my gas & air, etc. will be delivered!

Saturday 1st February – 36w 3d
We’re having a baby THIS month! (Hopefully!)

Monday 3rd February – 36w 5d
I’ve been an emotional mess today. I’ve been in tears numerous times this morning, little man is just being an absolute nightmare, or maybe I’m just too sensitive at the minute! I also had a conversation with a checkout lady whilst shopping today (I must have looked uncomfortable or something): Her: “Are you ok?”; me: showed her my bump; her: “Oh I see, how long left?”; me: “3 weeks”; her: “Maybe!”. Yeah, thanks for that! 

Tuesday 4th February – 36w 6d
Oh man. I’m right at that stage now where I am both physically and emotionally exhausted. I have been in SUCH a bad & upset mood today. I must have literally spent half the day crying. Little man was up at 6.20am so we went in the living room and I did the bad Mummy thing and put the TV on for him while I kept dropping off having a snooze. He has then been a nightmare all morning. Smacking me, kicking me, pulling my hair, throwing toys at me, throwing his (empty) Lego box across the room because I dared to turn Peppa flaming Pig off! I admit I just wanted to run away today as I have been in such a state all day. And then I get told “not long now then the fun really starts!”. [Another] yeah, thanks for that! I know it sounds awful but I’m glad he’s at nursery tomorrow so I get a little rest! 

At 36 weeks, berry is the size of a coconut.
They are still gaining weight and becoming rounder in appearance.
The bones in the skull can move and overlap each other allowing them to pass through the birth canal more easily.
They will probably (though not necessarily) be in a head down position.

The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 35

Wednesday 22nd January – 35w
It was little man’s first day at nursery today, so I haven’t done an awful lot other than a bit of housework, and some blogging. After walking to nursery and back I was in so much pain so couldn’t really do much else. It’s been strange being on my own all day though, reminded me a bit of when I was pregnant with him!

Thursday 23rd January – 35w 1d
Been so tired today, all I’ve wanted to do was sleep. The health visitor also came for an antenatal visit – I never had one of these with little man so it must be a new thing, I was slightly worried beforehand! All she really came for though was to see how I’m feeling and let me know about the health visitor service after baby arrives. Oh, and give me a load of leaflets which I didn’t really need anyway. 

Friday 24th January – 35w 2d
Baby has been very active today – I recorded nearly as many movements in 3 hours this morning, as I usually get in a whole day! 

Saturday 25th January – 35w 3d
I had a really horrid dream last night. I can’t remember it in detail (or anything that came before what I can remember) as it was slightly traumatic. For some reason little man slept in the bath (!) and I slept on the bathroom floor (again, !) but in the same instance I was also having a miscarriage. I even found it hard to just write that as it has worried me so much. As well as that I had a rubbish night’s sleep from the SPD pain. 

I’ve discovered a new craving today though – pick ‘n’ mix! We were out and I couldn’t go home until I had some! 

Monday 27th January – 35w 5d
I actually woke up without pain today (other than backache). It didn’t last long though, unsurprisingly. I’m also coming down with the cough/cold that little man seems to have picked up. It better jog on, yucky! 

Tuesday 28th January – 35w 6d
No such luck, I now have a sore throat to go with it. Oh what joy when I can’t take an awful lot for it. 

At 35 weeks, berry is the size of a honeydew melon.
The organs are developed and are now becoming more defined each week.
The central nervous system is maturing.
The digestive system is almost complete.
The lungs are almost fully developed.
The main job over the remaining weeks is to put on weight.