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Wednesday 12th February – 38w
Two weeks to go!

Once I’d taken little man to nursery this morning, I came home and crawled back into bed – I woke up again 2.5 hours later so I must have needed the sleep! I was awoken by a yucky dream though – with ants crawling all over me! Previous to that one I’d had another one where I was discussing home births with a pregnant friend, and she asked if we needed to provide bed socks for the baby? Anyway…

Thursday 13th February – 38w 1d
I’ve been in so much pain today with this damn SPD, hardly been able to move. Please hurry up baby.

I’ve also come to the decision that we’re having a boy. I don’t know why, just finally have a ‘feeling’! 

Friday 14th February – 38w 2d
Eviction proceedings are now underway! Only spicy food and bouncing on the ball so far, but may have to resort to more drastic measures at some point… Maybe like what got us into this position in the first place! *Snigger*

Saturday 15th February – 38w 3d
I could have fallen asleep standing today. I’m feeling quite fed up now. Sigh. Though I have been getting no end of Braxton Hicks, probably just getting my hopes up…

Sunday 16th February – 38w 4d
Had another strange dream last night. I was just wandering about (somewhere) and I had a really bad urge to pee, so I knocked on somebody’s door to ask to use the toilet – it happened to be a dinosaur that answered…

I’ve also been in tears nearly all day because I’m so tired, little man keeps getting up earlier & earlier and I just can’t take it any more right now. 

Monday 17th February – 38w 5d
After the BH on Saturday, I’ve been getting cramps on & off for the last couple of days, though they don’t seem to be coming to anything. Grr…

Tuesday 18th February – 38w 6d
I had a home visit from the midwife today, as she needed to check my gases anyway (which are all still okay by the way) so there was no point in me going in. All is well with me – BP is fine, and for once my wee was clear of anything! Bump is still measuring 37 weeks but it’s nothing of concern at the minute as it’s only one week behind. Baby’s heartbeat was fine and they are still head down, but still only 1/5 engaged which deflated me a bit – was hoping it may have moved further down by now! Oh well, at least it’s not going back the other way! The BH have reappeared too, leaving me quite breathless…

At 38 weeks, berry is the size of a leek.
They may have taken their first bowel movement of meconium by now!
They are practicing breathing and urinating.
They can use their fingers to grasp very tightly.
The fat stores are still continuing to build.

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