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Wednesday 22nd January – 35w
It was little man’s first day at nursery today, so I haven’t done an awful lot other than a bit of housework, and some blogging. After walking to nursery and back I was in so much pain so couldn’t really do much else. It’s been strange being on my own all day though, reminded me a bit of when I was pregnant with him!

Thursday 23rd January – 35w 1d
Been so tired today, all I’ve wanted to do was sleep. The health visitor also came for an antenatal visit – I never had one of these with little man so it must be a new thing, I was slightly worried beforehand! All she really came for though was to see how I’m feeling and let me know about the health visitor service after baby arrives. Oh, and give me a load of leaflets which I didn’t really need anyway. 

Friday 24th January – 35w 2d
Baby has been very active today – I recorded nearly as many movements in 3 hours this morning, as I usually get in a whole day! 

Saturday 25th January – 35w 3d
I had a really horrid dream last night. I can’t remember it in detail (or anything that came before what I can remember) as it was slightly traumatic. For some reason little man slept in the bath (!) and I slept on the bathroom floor (again, !) but in the same instance I was also having a miscarriage. I even found it hard to just write that as it has worried me so much. As well as that I had a rubbish night’s sleep from the SPD pain. 

I’ve discovered a new craving today though – pick ‘n’ mix! We were out and I couldn’t go home until I had some! 

Monday 27th January – 35w 5d
I actually woke up without pain today (other than backache). It didn’t last long though, unsurprisingly. I’m also coming down with the cough/cold that little man seems to have picked up. It better jog on, yucky! 

Tuesday 28th January – 35w 6d
No such luck, I now have a sore throat to go with it. Oh what joy when I can’t take an awful lot for it. 

At 35 weeks, berry is the size of a honeydew melon.
The organs are developed and are now becoming more defined each week.
The central nervous system is maturing.
The digestive system is almost complete.
The lungs are almost fully developed.
The main job over the remaining weeks is to put on weight.

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