Project 365, 2015 (days 151-157)

Day 151 / May 31st
So this one is kind of cheating as I didn’t take it, but I love it! We were at a family Christening celebration and look who showed up! N was mesmerised by him, love this photo of them giving high fives!

Day 152 / June 1st
The only photo I seem to have taken today, my breakfast…

Day 153 / June 2nd
At Fit Tots today the sensory activity was gluing and sticking ready for making Father’s Day cards next week – J made this moon & stars collage.

Day 154 / June 3rd
I’ve recently started running (or attempting to – a whole post on that coming soon) and I got to view this lovely sunset this evening.

Day 155 / June 4th
One of the boys’ favourite games at the minute is pretending the Lego box is a boat – the Mega Bloks were actually still in it today but I captured them playing beautifully together, for once!

Day 156 / June 5th
Another photo of my breakfast, sorry! (It was yummy though).

Day 157 / June 6th
I had some jobs needed doing today so after we’d played outside for a while when I hung the washing out, we got the tuff spot out with glue and sticking bits – they made more of a mess really…

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