Walking wonder

He did it.

At a few days off 15 months, we finally have a walker. 

For a few weeks now he has been taking a couple of steps here and there, but has become really proficient at walking holding just one of our hands, as we do it at every possible opportunity. 

Then we were at stay & play last week, and I was just sat down watching him, and he took about 8 steps. Then he did it again. But then at home he wouldn’t do it any more. 

Fast forward to a visit to the inlaws, and in his frustration at not being allowed to do something he was trying to do, he stormed off walking 16 steps! But then didn’t do it again at home.

A couple of days later though, he walked from the sofa to the table, which is quite a way, probably about 20 steps! 

Since then he has been walking a lot more. When he’s already stood up doing something and wants to go somewhere else, he will walk, though if he’s down on the floor doing something, he will still crawl. 

He makes me chuckle though when he walks as he’s still at that waddling stage, but it’s so cute! 

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