Weight loss – week 5

Starting off with last week’s weigh in – I lost 4lbs! I really wasn’t expecting that much so it was quite a surprise. Needless to say, I’m now not expecting much of a loss come Friday. 

Once again I went a bit overboard at the weekend. Well, not so much all weekend, only Sunday really. With it being Father’s Day I treated hubby, though I know I didn’t have to treat myself too! But I can’t help it when I see other people eating nice food… 

Once again though, I got back on track, and was back to sticking to my plan on Monday. I’ve been keeping up the walking too. I think regarding exercise, I’m going to start up with something not so harsh, and then get gradually harder again – I will complete the 30 Day Shred again one day! I’m also going to do some yoga too, I find it really relaxing. 

Regarding my Gi plan, I seem to be doing okay on it, but I’m going to see how I go and maybe change it in a couple of weeks, just to have something a bit different and try some new meals.

I’m nearly back under 12 stone again too, I need to lose around another 2.5lbs, and then I will have met my first mini goal/stepping stone. I haven’t been at that weight since over a year ago, a few weeks after little man arrived, so it will be an achievement for me. Hopefully this week or next week I will make it. I’ve also started taking my measurements too so I can see if I’m losing inches rather than a lot of weight.

2 thoughts on “Weight loss – week 5

  1. Well done on the massive loss! Up until recently, I found that I'd maintain/small gains and losses for 2 weeks then have a big loss on the third week. Maybe your body is doing similar? It'd be worth checking out, it can be disheartening to be really good all week and find you've hardly budged. Good luck for the week ahead!

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