#foodiepenpals – January reveal

This month I was paired with Anne over at Random Things Through My Letterbox. I had a little chuckle to myself when I saw her location, as we live rather close, in towns next to each other, and were paired randomly! How odd! 

Anyhow, I received my lovely package, and was rather excited to see it full of goodies. 

I had some fondant icing in there, which will come in handy for little man’s birthday cupcakes! The Mr Tom peanut bars, I haven’t those for ages and had forgotten how yummy they were. I’ve demolished one so far. The apple, blueberry, plum & strawberry fruit & fibre pots are rather nice, and a good way to get my fruit for the day, and fibre, both of which I struggle with sometimes. There was some teabags – peppermint leaves, and liquorice & peppermint – which I haven’t tried yet but am rather intrigued by the liquorice one! I was over the moon to see cheese (I’m a bit of a cheese addict), especially with garlic as it’s one of my favourites, yummy. 

There were a few seasoning’s for meat, which is handy because sometimes I just can’t be bothered to make my own! I’m especially looking forward to trying the piri piri and the Mexican chilli chicken. Some blended salts which I’m intrigued to try as I’ve never come across these before. Some chocolate milk sippers, I love these things, just like a big kid! Dime bar chocolate, and a cappuccino chocolate bar, yummy! These are somehow still sat in the cupboard! (I’m trying to be good so will tuck in when I need a treat). And I love my cupcake spatula, another cupcake piece to add to my expanding collection! 

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