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So, last night was the final final episode of Skint. This one was mainly concentrating on Emma/Pete, Tracy & Gail. Along with Deans brother, Greg. 

First up, Pete! First thing I said when he appeared was “We know him!”. And we do. He comes around to help the older disabled gentleman who lives upstairs in our block (who also appeared briefly last night – he was shown eating a sandwich at the drop in centre!). He is actually a really nice chap, though he has a drink/tablets problem, I admire him for having his own business and providing for himself. I’m not sure he will ever get over his problems, but he has never caused us any trouble when we’ve seen him or spoke to him. And Emma, I recognised her too – we spoke to her at the park yesterday in fact! It really is a small world – well, not so small I suppose, when you live on the same estate…

Gail. Well, I don’t really know what to say about her. I don’t usually judge people on appearances, but… Well, everyone else was too by the sounds of it! I personally thought both her and her daughters attitude and very sweary vocabulary were awful.

Tracy… I just hope she got her life back on track and stuck to her rehab programme. Talking of recognising people, hubby saw her when he was up in town today. 

I’m not even going to talk much about Dean, I think everybody already knows what I think about him… (We saw him yesterday too – we’re not stalking everyone, honest!). One thing I will say though is his comment about working class people being able to afford a 3D TV when they earn £2, 000 a month, we wish… I think he needs a reality check!

One last note – ‘the wall’ is no more – it started to be demolished on Monday! We walked past and had to stop for pictures, especially with little man and it being his first, and last, visit to the now infamous wall. 

Oh and a last last note – the houses right at the end, that was where we lived before we moved! Does that make me kind of famous? Please from an orderly queue for autographs. 

And that my readers, was my town in all its glory.

Glory? Might have to rethink that one…

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