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So last night was the penultimate episode of Skint. After last weeks episode, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this week, as it couldn’t have made it look much worse than it did then. I was glad they decided to show other parts of Scunthorpe, and not just Westcliffe. Also like I said last week, it could have been filmed in practically any part of the country, but they obviously choose the bad parts for ratings, and once again the benefits saga was featured heavily. This post isn’t going to be as much like last weeks, as like I said it was in other areas of the town so can’t really comment on what happens up there. 

Let’s start with Fergie and his arrest – that was literally right on my (old) doorstep. Well, right across from it, anyway! We used to live opposite him, and as we were in a top floor maisonette, we could see his bedroom from our living room. We saw everything (I’m not nosy in the slightest…) – drug smoking, weight lifting – which my mother in law also happened to take great joy in watching at my baby shower. Anyway… It was either just before, or just after little man arrived, and I was just getting us ready to leave the flat and I saw police in his front garden so obviously being the nosy person I am not, I rushed downstairs! I got down just in time to see him being led away handcuffed, with his friends and someone with a video camera following him. At the time I wondered what was going on, but now I know! I thought I hadn’t seen him around for a while after that…

Then there was Jemelia, the 16 year old girl who was waiting to see if she could have her baby back. Everyone I spoke to at the time it was on, agreed that there was very little hope, and of course we were proved correct. Hopefully now she has a flat of her own though, she will sort herself out and be able to bring her back home. 

And then we have Hayley and her partner. Oh yes, they caused a lot of outrage. Many people suggested that we should give up work, have more children, and rely on the government to live. I admit I was one of these that said this. In particular, it was interesting that they were getting married up until some of their benefits were stopped, and then they got them back and lo & behold, the wedding was back on! I did read on someone’s status though (a comment from someone who works at their reception venue, I think) that they actually got married and had their reception months before, and that this one was just a ‘set up’ for the cameras. Which goes to show, C4 (and other production companies I imagine) will twist & film things to their advantage, to make situations look different to what they actually are and put on a show… I also couldn’t fail to notice all the gadgets in their house that taxpayers had effectively purchased for them – a very big TV, a PS3, smartphones – yet they couldn’t afford to feed the children. 

Look out next week for my final post on the final episode.

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