Recently little man is learning lots of new words; we’re finding at least one a week, I think! It’s so cute when he says a new word as he doesn’t quite say it properly, but we can still tell what it is. He also says a couple of phrases! I’ve most likely forgotten the order in which he learned all his words but so far we have: 

  • dada
  • mama
  • no (stemming from me constantly telling him off for pulling all the books off the shelf!)
  • ta (thanks)
  • ‘narna (banana)
  • nanna 
  • who zat? (who’s that? – whenever someone comes in the door, or when he puts things to his ear pretending it’s a phone!)
  • ba ba (bad boy – FIL says it to him in jest when he’s being a monkey and doing things he shouldn’t, and he repeats it!)
  • brum brum (when he’s playing with his cars, his new found love!)
  • dirty – he’s picked it up from us telling him things he puts in his mouth from the floor are dirty! 
He also knows what ‘clap’ is, as he claps when you say it, but he can’t say it yet! And when you say ‘kiss’ to him, he pouts!

I always wonder what is going to be next, I’m so proud of him! He may not be walking yet, but his vocabulary is coming on in leaps and bounds!


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