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Thursday 5th September – 15w 1d
I’m sure I saw berry kicking for the first time today! It’s much earlier than with little man though, we first saw him kicking at 21+1. I forgot how amazing it was to see your belly moving. 

Friday 6th September – 15w 2d
Think I’m coming down with a cold or something. My nose is running. I have a headache. I can barely keep my eyes open. All I’ve wanted to do is sleep. Fat chance of that though! I always manage to have about 10 colds when I’m pregnant and can’t take a lot. Hopefully it won’t last too long though. 

I had a dream about my Nanna last night. Wouldn’t usually be significant but she passed away in December 2011. It got me very emotional as I got to hug her again. 

I also had my MOT at the midwives today. Everything was fine. I’m not back there until the end of December now though for my 34 week appointment as I will have my 28 week one when I have my GTT up at the hospital. Though I’ll actually be having my 34 week one a little early as they don’t have next years diary yet. Also got a prescription for Vitamin D tablets, because I’m fat and I need it as I can’t absorb it properly. 

Saturday 7th September – 15w 3d
I had another dream last night, another celeb one. This time it was Jean Claude Van Damme. Though hubby claims I told him this morning that it was actually Arnie Schwarzenegger. Either way, pretty much the same. It’s kind of vague now but I remember that he had 3 wives, I was one of them, and I had to kill him. I did it! It was a task & a half though. 

Sunday 8th September – 15w 4d
Been forgetting to take my iron and Vitamin D tablets. I must remember. Both very important. Bad Stacey. 

Monday 9th September – 15w 5d
I am so emotionally and physically exhausted right now. Little man is going through a terrible hitting & tantrum stage, and it’s wearing me down so much. I just want a break, for a day, so I can spend it in bed! Ha, yeah right! 

At 15 weeks, berry is the size of an apple.
Berry has started to hear things from inside & outside.
Berry’s eyes have become sensitive to light and may register a bright light from the outside.
Hiccups have started! But they can’t be felt yet.
Berry’s legs are growing longer than their arms now.
The skin has developed but is still very very thin and translucent.
The bones are hardening and retaining calcium.

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