The lasting effects of bullying

Lasting effects of bullying

Bullying is something that is often in the news; very recently, the case of the teenage girl who was beaten by another girl, whilst a group of boys watched on, and even recorded it. The first thoughts of surely anybody, would be that this is sickening. The beating alone is bad enough, but for a group to encourage and record; it’s just incomprehensible.

I’ve written before about how I was bullied when I was a teen, when I came almost face to face with one of my bullies before we moved last year. I’d forgotten all about it once again, until I came across the video I referred to above. I never usually watch things like that, but something, I’m not sure what, told me to watch it. I sort of wish I hadn’t, as it was practically like reliving my experience. Except there was nobody to record it when it happened to me. But it lives on in my memory just like it happened yesterday. You can never, ever, forget something like that.

I was alone; pushed to the ground, and attacked by three girls. I knew who they were as they went to my school, but the year below me. The ringleader had done picky little things to me previously, such as ‘accidentally’ pushing me on the way home from school. Of course, she told the others what to do; including punching, kicking, spitting and verbal abuse. Whilst this was happening, I heard the exact same words as the girl in the video – “What are you crying for?”. This was after they asked me why I wasn’t crying, and demanded I did! I had no words back then, but what I really want to say now is “Why the f**k do YOU think I was crying?!”.

I am actually crying right now, reliving it. Bullies though, they don’t care if you cry, they just do it even more because it gets them off; it’s like a drug to them. I was bruised, both physically and emotionally, and it is only recently I have come to terms with what happened and stopped my fear of these girls.

I think that attack probably triggered my general social anxiety and I still suffer with it now – sixteen years later. Bullying has a long lasting effect. But the bullies just do not care. Do you know what happened to my attackers? The police paid them a visit, and gave them a warning. A warning. It didn’t stop. I got threatened again. No more physical attacks, only verbal. But verbal bullying is just as bad as physical. It still leaves scars.

“Luckily”, I am still here to tell my tale, but it can just get too much for some. People are too scared to come forward and out their bullies, for fear of further repercussions. The same with people wanting to help. And by the time there is someone there to help, it may be too little, too late. Families have to pick up the pieces.

Bullying breaks minds; it breaks souls; it breaks hearts.

Bullying. It needs to stop.

Full stop.

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