Weight loss journey – week 1

Last week I posted about my restart of my weight loss journey. Since then I have kind of been going it alone, but have lost 2.2lbs in the progress! Today I’ve signed up to Tesco Diets, as I decided this was the best option for me, for now. They have many food plans to follow which you change at any time during your journey; for now, I’ve opted for the low GI plan as I know this will also help with controlling my PCOS symptoms and make it easier to lose the weight. 

The site gives you your meal plan for the week, but you can change it wherever you like. I like this idea, as I think it is structure and planning which I need, as I usually just grab whatever there is, or decide on what’s for dinner right before I make it! I’m going to have to have a proper look through my dinner plan every week though, as I need something that I can make for all 3 of us as I don’t really want to be making two seperate meals every day. 

The fact there are no physical meetings doesn’t really bother me as I have online support from friends anyway, and I’ve managed to lose the weight I have so far without any kind of meeting. Though I suppose that would give me motivation, but I think to be really motivated you have to feel it for yourself. I’ve decided I’m going to print out pictures of how I looked before, and how I want to look again, and stick them to my cupboards and fridge, just as a little nudge and reminder when I want something naughty! 

I need to get back into some sort of exercise routine too, as at the minute I only really walk with little man and the pram. I’ve been thinking of starting up the 30 Day Shred again, but would have to do it during little man’s waking hours as I just cannot exercise in the morning. I think he’d probably find it really funny and just giggle at me the whole way through! I completed it (on the 2nd attempt) before I was pregnant, and haven’t done it since.. I hated it at first but ended up loving it. Though I have the case of ‘I will start it tomorrow..’ and just never get around to it! 

So my logged starting weight from now is 12st 4lbs, and my target weight is 9st 7lbs. I will re-evaluate when I get there though. Once I get to this final target weight, I will have lost around 5st in total; I’ve lost around 2st so far. My weekly target for the next week is to lose 1lb, and I WILL do it! 

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  1. I wish I was so brave to start a diet. I wish you best of luck and I hope you will stick with it.

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