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Wednesday 1st January – 32w
I can finally say we’re having a baby this year! (And hopefully next month if they decide to arrive on time, or not too late at least…)

Thursday 2nd January – 32w 1d

At my last appointment the midwife said baby was lying very low down – I think she was right as I’ve had lots of hiccups in my bum today! 

Friday 3rd January – 32w 2d

I think the Christmas period and hubby being off work has set me back a little as I keep thinking it’s mid-week rather than the end of the week. I would blame baby brain for this but I think it’s just normal this time! 

Saturday 4th January – 32w 3d

Really didn’t want to get up this morning – backache, side-ache and tired (what’s new there?!). For some reason it’s only ever my right side that hurts, if I sit funny or lie on that side for too long. It’s giving me many restless nights at the minute. Think I might need to invest in a maternity pillow.

Sunday 5th January – 32w 4d

I’ve finally started preparations for the imminent arrival. Hubby brought little man’s 0-3 clothes back from the in-laws where they have been in storage since we moved, and I’ve sorted out the neutral items. There should be enough there to keep us going until we know the gender. Obviously if it is a boy, I will have another sort out of what we want to reuse, and probably just buy another few items. If it’s a girl, then I can’t wait to girly shopping! 

Monday 6th January – 32w 5d

Have been so so tired today. Just want to sleep. For days. Also little man is coming down with a nasty cough, which means he’ll probably pass it onto me soon. Great. 

I’ve started doing my research on home birth though. After talking to a friend I’m also now still considering a hospital birth, but I need to write a list and speak to the midwife as there are a few things playing on my mind about both. 

Tuesday 7th January – 32w 6d

Little man has been much worse than he was yesterday, all he’s wanted to do all day is snuggle with me. It means I’ve had a bit of a rest snuggled up on the sofa but I hate seeing him ill like this. It hasn’t showed any signs of passing on to me though which is a good thing, I’m glad I started dosing him up on Calpol straight away. 

At 32 weeks, berry is the size of a kale.
They now have a good chance of surviving and thriving if born early.
Although they are sleeping for most of the day, movement will increase greatly and kicks will be more frequent.
They are really plumping up now and will gain almost half their body weight by the time of delivery.
The lanugo is starting to shed.

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