The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 34

Wednesday 15th January – 34w
Feeling quite worried at how close it’s getting now… Really need to get my bum in gear a bit more!

Thursday 16th January – 34w 1d
Now it’s getting nearer to the end, I’m managing to take more bump photos. Here is the latest one. I think I was looking big, but I think I look small in this one – maybe baby had moved position. Though I feel huge!

Friday 17th January – 34w 2d
I had my 34 week appointment today. It was also the time to write up my birth ‘plan’. With little man it was very vague and I pretty much just ‘agreed’ to everything. This time I have thought about it a lot more, and decided I would like a home birth with as little intervention as possible. We were unsure about a couple of things from little man’s birth that may effect whether it may be best to have a hospital birth, but the midwife is going to check at the hospital and if they are OK then I’m all good. I am fine with having a hospital birth, but I would prefer a home birth – I’m just trying to stay neutral at the minute until I find out. In other news, all is good with me & baby and I am measuring at 33 weeks. 

Sunday 19th January – 34w 4d
Had a flipping awful nights sleep last night as little man has suddenly decided for the last few days that 3.15am is his new favourite play time! And I am in more pain than ever now when I lie down so can’t get comfortable as it is, without him in our bed. 

Though on a good note, we have finally come to a decision on names! And also a decision on a double pushchair after debating it since last week – we’re going for a Phil & Ted’s (second hand though as not sure I will be using it much – I will most likely wear baby and push little man when I’m on my own).

Monday 20th January – 34w 5d
We picked up the pushchair today! I finally feel like we are getting somewhere and we might just be prepared in time!

Tuesday 21st January – 34w 6d
I woke up this morning with SPD pain and backache. Much worse than it has been yet. I have a bump support belt on its way, so I’m hoping that will help with some of the pain. 

At 34 weeks, berry is the size of a canteloupe.
The immune system is still developing strongly in preparation for life outside.
The skeletal structure is hardening.
The vernix is becoming thicker as the lanugo is shedding. 

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