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Wednesday 13th November – 25w
So 25 weeks pregnant today. Can’t believe how fast it’s going now! 
Friday 15th November – 25w 2d
I’m sure berry is in such a low position today, I just haven’t been able to get comfy all day. Sitting, standing, laying. So out comes a grunt and groan every time I move! 

Saturday 16th November – 25w 3d
I had two dreams last night. One of them was yet another gender dream (the 4th so far this pregnancy – I never had this many with little man, probably because we knew his gender). I will say that this one was a boy called Stanley – rest assured we won’t be using that name…

The other dream was very random. We were on our way to FiL’s house (in a village) to collect little man as he had stayed the night. We have to travel country roads, and on the day we went there was a horse fair. There was nobody to host it so hubby decided he would jump out of the car and do it. Off he went. So I decided to run the rest of the way to the village. When I got there, I discovered FiL had taken little man to his next door neighbour, and she had just given him his breakfast of toast. And then I discovered that the next door neighbours other half and BiL had opened up a strip club at the back of the house. See, I told you it was random…

Sunday 17th November – 25w 4d
I’m starting to realise that I’d forgotten just how hard it is to bend over at this stage with bump there! But never mind, that’s what hubby’s for, to fasten my shoes/put my boots on, put my socks on, etc. etc… (Though I can still manage it sometimes, it depends what position berry is in).

Monday 18th November – 25w 5d
My runny nose is making an appearance again. This time of year I always feel like a dripping tap, and obviously there’s not a lot I can do about it at the minute! Have just felt like going back to bed all day but obviously I can’t.
At 25 weeks, berry is the size of a courgette.
The spine is beginning to form its structures as the blood vessels of the lungs start developing.
The body parts continue to become more proportional to each other.
Body fat is continuing to fill in berry’s wrinkled skin.
Small blood vessels are starting to form beneath the skin. As they begin to fill with blood, the skin will take on a pink appearance.
The fingerprints are fully formed.
The bones are continuing to harden.
The nostrils are starting to open.
More hair is growing, developing texture and colour.

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