Getting organised for the arrival of number two

In the last couple of weeks in my diaries, I have written about how unorganised I feel with this pregnancy. By this stage with little man I was pretty much ready to go. Obviously this time with a toddler to look after too, I haven’t had as much time or energy but I thought it was about time we got something done. 

I think one of the most important things (if not at the top of the list) was deciding on names. As we don’t know what we are having this time, we have had to come up with boys and girls names. After making up a shortlist of names with various meanings, we have finally reached a decision – obviously I’m not going to reveal them now so you will just have to wait!

We are reusing a lot of little man’s stuff, so we haven’t really had to buy an awful lot. The only thing we have purchased is a double pushchair, which I will probably use a single for little man a lot of the time whilst wearing baby, or baby in the pushchair with little man walking, but it is nice to have the option to push them both. I already have a sling from little man, although I will be purchasing another when baby arrives with a voucher I won in an auction last year. 

We will be purchasing a new bed for little man so baby can go in his cot-bed, but we won’t need this until a few weeks after they are born anyway as they will be in the Moses basket (from little man) at first anyway. 

We haven’t purchased any clothes etc. as of yet, though I have sorted out the neutral items from little man and I won a fab little bundle of various items at the end of last year too, so we are pretty much okay until we know the gender. Obviously if its a boy, we have a lot of clothes from little man, but if its a girl I can’t wait to do a bit of girly shopping! 

My birth plan (or preferences) have been done and noted with the midwife. As I mentioned in my last diary, all being well I will be having a home birth. If I do, I would love a water birth so I will be purchasing/hiring a pool when I find out if it is a definite. Oh and also lots of sheets (this will probably be cheap shower curtains as I have been advised!).

I thought I should pack a hospital bag just in case. Plus it will be easier to find all of my things in one place anyway if I have a home birth. I haven’t got around to this yet, though I have started writing a list! (Referring back to the list I had for little man as I seem to have had a brain freeze in this department!).

I’m sure I have still forgotten something though! 

The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 34

Wednesday 15th January – 34w
Feeling quite worried at how close it’s getting now… Really need to get my bum in gear a bit more!

Thursday 16th January – 34w 1d
Now it’s getting nearer to the end, I’m managing to take more bump photos. Here is the latest one. I think I was looking big, but I think I look small in this one – maybe baby had moved position. Though I feel huge!

Friday 17th January – 34w 2d
I had my 34 week appointment today. It was also the time to write up my birth ‘plan’. With little man it was very vague and I pretty much just ‘agreed’ to everything. This time I have thought about it a lot more, and decided I would like a home birth with as little intervention as possible. We were unsure about a couple of things from little man’s birth that may effect whether it may be best to have a hospital birth, but the midwife is going to check at the hospital and if they are OK then I’m all good. I am fine with having a hospital birth, but I would prefer a home birth – I’m just trying to stay neutral at the minute until I find out. In other news, all is good with me & baby and I am measuring at 33 weeks. 

Sunday 19th January – 34w 4d
Had a flipping awful nights sleep last night as little man has suddenly decided for the last few days that 3.15am is his new favourite play time! And I am in more pain than ever now when I lie down so can’t get comfortable as it is, without him in our bed. 

Though on a good note, we have finally come to a decision on names! And also a decision on a double pushchair after debating it since last week – we’re going for a Phil & Ted’s (second hand though as not sure I will be using it much – I will most likely wear baby and push little man when I’m on my own).

Monday 20th January – 34w 5d
We picked up the pushchair today! I finally feel like we are getting somewhere and we might just be prepared in time!

Tuesday 21st January – 34w 6d
I woke up this morning with SPD pain and backache. Much worse than it has been yet. I have a bump support belt on its way, so I’m hoping that will help with some of the pain. 

At 34 weeks, berry is the size of a canteloupe.
The immune system is still developing strongly in preparation for life outside.
The skeletal structure is hardening.
The vernix is becoming thicker as the lanugo is shedding. 

Birth plan

So, yes, at the end of this week, I will be 37 weeks and could really give birth at any time. At our midwife appointment before last, we discussed my birth ‘plan’ (said lightly). It is most likely knowing our luck, that it will not go to plan, but this is what we decided.

  • My intended place of birth will be the hospital. I’m sure a home birth would be amazing though, maybe we will consider that if we ever have another. I’ve also decided I would like a water birth if possible. (Which reminds me, I must pack appropriate wear in my hospital bag just in case).
  • My lovely husband is going to be my birth partner. Though he has this preconceived image of women in labour, and keeps thinking I’m going to be hitting him or something… Maybe shouting at him, but I don’t think I’m that mean to hit him!
  • Baby will be monitored throughout out labour, but of course if I have a water birth and baby needs continuous monitoring, then that bit won’t go to plan.
  • Regarding pain management, well, I’ve asked for everything, except I’m a bit unsure about an epidural at this point. I really do not like needles, but then again, I don’t have a very good pain threshold either, so we will see!
  • We went through all the positions that help ease the pain. Speaking of positions, which did you find helped with the pain?
  • Regarding the 3rd stage of labour, I’ve asked for physiological, though I’m not so sure now! I’ve asked a question on my Facebook page regarding this, please pop over and answer if you wish.
  • Finally, husband wants to cut the cord, and I would like skin to skin, if all goes to plan.
  • We are also aware of what will happen if I need a C-section, regarding a spinal block and hubby’s attendance etc., and also if I need a ventouse or forceps delivery. 

So, we shall see, and in the next few weeks I will be able to update you when I share my birth story!