Slimming World weigh in #61 – the one where I’m at my lowest again…

weekly weigh in

So I was a bit gutted with my weigh in last week after gaining yet again, and even though I knew I had a big meal out this week I was really determined not to have yet another gain. Quite frankly I am getting really annoyed at myself for yo-yo’ing up & down with the same few pounds which I have been doing since Christmas and now we are almost a third of the way through the year! I *only* have just over half a stone to go until the target I have set but it feels like there is no end in sight with the pace I am going at, at the minute.

I was on plan all week, other than the meal on Saturday, but from Sunday up until weigh in on Tuesday I did EESP. I don’t do it very often as I really miss my pasta, rice, potatoes and yogurts, but I know it can just give me that boost I may need so I don’t mind doing it for 2 or 3 days as long as I plan in advance.

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Slimming World weigh in #58 – the one with the fat jeans …

weekly weigh in

So, you would have thought that after last week’s weigh in and being back on the losing track again, it would have given me that much needed kick up the rear, right? Wrong! As per usual, I started the week with good intentions then it slowly dwindled… I have been snacking on rubbish – crisps, sweets, the kids chocolate (I didn’t have any of my own though so that one doesn’t count, right?…). Most of my meals were on plan, it’s just the parts in between I seem to be struggling with at the minute.

I did have a push though when I had a non scale victory. I was tidying up my wardrobe and came across my ‘fat jeans’ that I like to try on every once in a while. I held them up against me to show hubby and he said to me “Wow – I bet you can get both legs in one leg of those now!”. Not one to turn down a an easy challenge, I decided to have a go. Lo and behold, this happened… Read more

Slimming World weigh in #57 – the one where I’m back?…

weekly weigh in

…Or I’m not so sure. After my last weigh in I was really gutted that I’d gained yet another pound, and I was slowly slipping back under and losing that 3st loss – I was almost back into the 2st area and it was that which really gave me the kick up the butt that I needed. We did have a meal out at Pizza Hut planned for Jacob’s birthday but I planned to stay on it as much as possible for the rest of the week, which I just about managed.

I think once you have slipped off plan for a few weeks it’s hard to get back into it completely, especially when you’re not totally in the right frame of mind for it too. I’m also getting closer to my target now – less than a stone away, though I may still change that yet – and this is the hardest I have found it since I started. I did want to get to my target before we go on holiday at the end of next month, but I don’t think that’s going to happen so I’m just going to roll with it now. Read more

Slimming World weigh in #55 and #56 – the ones where I’m gaining…

weekly weigh in

After my last weigh in prior to Noah’s birthday, I had promised myself that after a gain, I would be back on plan. As usual, the week started off well but slowly went down hill when it got to the weekend and we went out for N’s birthday meal, so then we had cake, and then we went out for the day on his actual birthday, then we had a picnic style dinner, and then I just kind of continued with the rubbish food as I was feeling really low too and I tend to be an emotional eater… Until it got to a couple of days before weigh in day and I tried to do some damage limitation, as usual!

Even after a gain once again at weigh in, it didn’t really change anything as I was still feeling not up to it and just ate a load of rubbish again, like last week, up until a couple of days before getting weighed and then tried damage limitation, again! I was really  kicking myself as I knew I needed to get my head back in the game but I just couldn’t.

Saying that, I did have some meals on plan – here is the Insta evidence… Read more

Slimming World weigh in #54 – the one where I’m up again…

weekly weigh in

I never made weigh in this week as it was Noah’s birthday, and I never got around to writing last week’s update either, so this it – we will hopefully be back to normal next week!

So last week; I was very very good all week, I stuck completely to my meal plan (we even had a KFC and I had a rice box at 4.5 syns), I was within my syns every. single. day (for the first time in weeks – again), I had eaten loads of speed food (both fruit & veg), and I was pretty confident of a loss, even hoping to get into that next stone down bracket and ever closer to my target… Read more