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So my biggest little man is going to be three in 4 months time! How? How?! I must say I am really dreading him becoming a ‘threenager’ as he is absolute terror enough at the moment and we are really struggling with him.

He is becoming more & more independent every day. He can now manage to unfasten and take his shoes off, he takes his own coat off, he starting to be able to undress himself. He’s progressed really slow in these areas (but advanced in others) but we are finally getting there – since he’s been at nursery he has been progressing so fast.

His vocabulary is coming on in leaps & bounds. In his last update I mentioned that he needed more encouragement in saying simple sentences – well he is now coming out with the most random sentences, using the longest words ever! He takes me by surprise every week now and I have to ask him to repeat it as I think I’m hearing things. He likes saying ‘That’s my favourite’ at the minute. Some words are so funny though as he means one thing but it sounds like another rude word – for example, ‘smack’ comes out as ‘f**k’ (he says this when I ask what he did to N – you’ll find out further down) and ‘stick’ comes out as ‘s**t’! I shouldn’t laugh but it’s too funny. He can now count to 10 unprompted too – it’s taken a while but he’c catching up! – and he knows all of the colours.

He is loving reading at the minute and often repeats what’s coming next (mainly because we read the same ones so often!). His favourite books at the minute are Stick Man and his Iggle Piggle words book. I have finally moved all books from his reach though as he is a bit of a book ninja and more often than not, rips pages – they’ve had to be sellotaped back together – so now I’m mainly buying board books! His favourite song/rhyme at the minute is Row Row Row Your Boat, and he loves screaming at the crocodile part – ear plugs are essential!

He is being such a pain food wise at the minute. Every week I will collect him from nursery and he will have eaten something that he won’t touch at home (grr). At home, he will ask for something, take one bite then decide ‘No I don’t like it’ and ‘You eat it’ (grr). Meal times are a pain in the rear as he will barely eat anything, but I don’t give him anything different unless I know it’s something he genuinely doesn’t like as I’m not cooking two different meals when N will eat what we eat (most of it he is just being awkward with though). His favourite foods are the minute are grapes, sausages (still), bread & butter, and jelly.

As I said above, he is being such a little terror at the moment. We’re really struggling with his behaviour towards N. He will smack him, push him over, throw toys at him, sit on him if he’s on his knees, poke him in the eyes… I know some will say this is normal toddler behaviour towards younger siblings- which yes it is – but the way I am feeling at the minute it is getting me down so much as you just can’t do anything with him. Anything we have tried, doesn’t work. He will just do it again. And again. And again. Even at stay & plays they have noticed, so it’s not just me. I’m going to write a separate post about it as I have so much to say, but we have a health visitor coming out on Monday to discuss it.

Apart from the extreme terror that he is being right now, he is doing great and I say it every time, but I’m proud & amazed at the bright, clever little boy he is becoming.

Family Friday

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  1. Sounds like you have a nearly threenager alright! So frustrating when they eat things away from home that they won't touch for you. As they say, everything is a phase 🙂

  2. He sounds so similar to Monkey with his food fussiness and his cute sentences, love the cute quirks of toddlers (not the fussiness so much though!). Sorry to hear he is being such a nightmare with his brother though, that must be hard. Best of luck, I hope things improve! Xx #familyfriday

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