29 weeks (and Christmas Day)

Sunday (a.k.a Christmas Day!) was the 29 week mark, and of course I had the best Xmas present ever – a (not so) little (now) bump! No bump (or anything else for that matter, apart from presents) pics though as it was quite a relaxed, if not a little emotional day.

Christmas Day itself was enjoyable, we were at my Mum & Step-Dads this year for the day. Had our pressie, we knew what this was anyway, then they opened theirs, they especially loved their hamper which hubby & I put a lot of TLC in to! I’m glad they did because making 5 (for other family members and a couple of friends) took a LOT of time, and stress! (Though my FIL said I should do it ‘for a living’ – I don’t think so!) 

We watched movies, then we ate a lot! My Step-Dad is known for his HUGE portions, I really should have taken a pic! Only me & hubby finished, though I did struggle! Even after nearly 2 hours I only managed half of my Xmas pud, I ended up going to bed with belly ache from being so full! 

Hubby & I opened our presents when we got home, I was a spoiled lady, including 4 shiny new cookbooks and a fab camera!

Then we did it all again on Boxing Day at my in-laws…

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