40 signs autumn is here

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Being an October baby, autumn (or fall) has always been my favourite season. Just some of the things I love about the season; the snuggly jumpers, scarves and ankle boots come out, it’s dark enough in the evenings to put on the twinkly lights and candles, and it’s the weather for drinking loaded mugs of hot chocolate by the fire. Also, I probably shouldn’t mention this word yet, but… it’s the countdown to Christmas!

A few weeks ago I started to notice a number of things that really reminded me that autumn was just around the corner…

40 signs that autumn is coming…or is here!

The first time I need to turn my car lights on when driving at night.

The bedroom windows have that slight condensation on them in the morning.

I start having porridge for breakfast more often than not.


I realise I haven’t shaved my legs in over a week.

When I’m slowly packing away all my summer clothes and getting the autumn ones out.

In the morning, I begin getting dressed downstairs where it’s warm, rather than upstairs.

The dog starts to lie by the kitchen heater more often than on the sofa.

It’s dark enough in the evenings to put the fairy lights and candles on.

The first time the living room fire gets cleaned, relaid, and lit.


When I start sleeping in my pyjamas rather than in my birthday suit…

The X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing are back on our TV screens!

Seeing people wearing flip flops and jumpers, at the same time…

As well as mine, I took to social media to ask a number of other bloggers how they know that autumn is on the way…

My Instagram feed turns orange! Coffee, Cake, Kids

My hibernation instincts kick in and getting up in the morning becomes an issue! Oh and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING seems to be rife (I love it really). That British Betty

People suddenly care less about dieting for a “bikini body” and more about dieting so they’ve got some wiggle room to put it back on at Christmas! Becca Blogs It Out 

Boots come back out; the drizzly air which makes you want to consume your body weight in hot drinks. Cups of Charlotte 

The colours of nature change to hues of red, orange, yellow and green. The Queen of Collage


The candles get lit, the blankets come out and the clothes get snuggly! Better Together Home

For me it’s the smell in my neighbourhood! Already people have started lighting their real fires and log burners, so there’s a very autumn like smell in the air! Healthy Vix

Blinking pumpkins EVERYWHERE, does anyone actually like them? I confess I’ve never tried one and the whole pumpkin spice thing doesn’t appeal. Musings of a Tired Mummy


Our elderly rabbit comes to live inside! Toy Infinity 

We have a tree outside our house that starts changing to the most gorgeous colours! And of course, it starts getting darker much earlier! Mom of Two

There’s a little chill in the air as soon as September arrives. Time for dressing gowns, boots and jumpers again. Love it! Rice Cakes and Raisins

Our house has been invaded by spiders! They’re blinking everywhere! Luckily hubby is very handy with one of those grabber things and gets rid of them for us. Mummy’s Waisted

Kids start writing Christmas lists! Just Average Jen

Husband reminds me to call the oil man for the heating and he calls the wood man to deliver wood for the fire. Liberty on the Lighter Side

That amazing smell autumn has. It’s hard to explain but it’s wonderful to smell when the seasons change. Mummy Cat Notes

You can comfortably wear black tights again, and not sweat to death and also not get funny looks! Ever After With Kids

The beautiful blackberries are finally ripe! I start thinking of making my Christmas cakes and gear up for our annual Halloween bash! Mind, Madness, Miles and Mum Me Time


My feet are freezing. I’m still in the sandals though… Glasgow With Kids

The contents of my handbag now include an umbrella, gloves, scarf and hand cream. The daily commute is getting cold! Bare Mother

The shops are starting to stock Halloween goodies! Happy Family Hub

I no longer walk barefoot around the house, my woolly socks are constantly on my feet. There’s a few conker trees nearby ready to drop their conkers. Playdays and Runways


Going to hang out the washing on a gorgeous sunny day, and feeling that early morning chill and seeing the dew on the grass. Your Money Sorted

I need to switch the lights on at kiddie’s bedtime rather than fixing the blackout blind – the nights are definitely getting shorter. The Money Whisperer

The fruit starts to fall off the trees in our garden and I have a race against time to find ingenious ways of using up or distributing two trees’ worth of apples and plums. It’s a huge ask for an incompetent cook! Twicemicrowaved Tea

Pine cones, leaves and acorns everywhere! Meaning lots of nature walks and making autumn collages! Whimsical Mumblings


I’ve washed all the blankets we keep behind the sofa ready for early morning snuggles with the kids. KateLili 

A personal one but maybe relatable to some! My sister in law stops moaning about the sun and starts coming outside again….she burns very easily lol! Southern Mummy

Long sleeved pyjama tops and brushed cotton bottoms! It always feels like autumn when the snuggly clothes come out! Cup of Toast

What are the little things that make you realise autumn is on the way, or finally here?

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  1. It is such a pretty season, I do love everything about it, except the creeping cold and so I’m grateful for hot showers, hot fires, hot drinks and snuggly socks for all around warmness. Thank you for including my comment and link. 🙂

  2. Some of us can only imagine what life would be like with those seasonal changes. For some of us living next to the equator means no seasons like summer, winter and autumn. It’s always summer and the only difeerence is rainy and dry seasons.

    1. Well, I never thought of it like that! Over in the UK we’ve been known to see all four seasons in the same month!

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