Project 365 – Week 43 (days 292 – 298)

October 19th / Day 292
This boy really loves his food – he has a good grip on that banana!

October 20th / Day 293
We’ve been going to a course called ‘Fit 2 Grow’ and for part of it there is soft play (of which we go to independent sessions too – not your bog standard soft play, it’s stuff that is hired out but she runs individual sessions) and J always has to jump from the edge of the ball pool!

October 21st / Day 294
We haven’t had lasagne for ages so decided to have it for our messy meal night (bath night), though my cheese sauce always goes wrong.

October 22nd / Day 295
N is full of cold but still has a smile. He was sporting Oh Baby London and The Little Geekery Company today.

October 23rd / Day 296
Rubbish photo as he doesn’t sit still any more but after rocking and pulling himself on his tummy for a while, he finally did a proper crawl!

October 24th / Day 297
One of many deliveries of  rainbow/bonfire theme Naming Day supplies!

October 25th / Day 298
Baby Shrek! Trying on part of his Uncle’s Halloween fancy dress outfit!
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4 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 43 (days 292 – 298)

  1. ha ha at the baby shrek outfit!!! N looks a lot like you anf i lovr this grip on the banana. Burton didnt like banana pureee when he frst tried it but he now loves bananas x

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