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Yesterday was Race For Life Day! I’d been training for this for…….. Oh wait, I didn’t! BIG mistake. 

We signed up as a team of 3 – me, my friend (L) and her cousin (S). Well, it turns out those two are a hell of a lot fitter than I am! Me, L, hubby & little man turned up around an hour before the race started, parked up and then waited for S to arrive. It was so busy with a heck of a lot of people taking part and all their spectators. 96.9 Viking FM radio station were also there, spurring everyone on. When we got to the start line I was all pumped up, I thought “Yeah, I got this in the bag!”. Erm… 

Me & L before the race
I race for…

We joined the jogging line as we were determined we weren’t walking all the way, but weren’t going to run it either! Well, we started off walking until everyone in front of us got going, then got going at a nice pace, jogging. And then my lace came undone! So of course I stopped to tie that up, and went off jogging again. We were jogging then walking, jogging then walking, and just before we got to the 1k marker my other lace came undone so I stopped to fasten that back up too. And then I started feeling ill – I felt so dizzy and faint so I walked a little, but L & S wanted to be off jogging but didn’t want to leave me behind. I felt really awful about it at this point as I didn’t want to feel like a failure or that I was letting them down by walking, so I told them to go off ahead and I’d catch them up, but they didn’t (bless them). I got my breath back so started jogging with them again, and then I got a flaming stitch in my side so had to walk again! I told them again to go off ahead, that I’d be fine. This time they did. I honestly wasn’t too bothered. I thought I’d be terrified of doing it by myself but it actually felt okay. I saw them jogging off into the distance and then they just disappeared! 

I carried on alternately walking & jogging, and then just before the 4k sign I jogged past hubby who shouted my name so it gave me some encouragement! I got to the 4k sign and thought to myself, “Right, I’m jogging this last 1k” – I was clearly kidding myself! So off I went walking again. Then I got to the last corner and saw the finish sign and just went for it, I was determined I wasn’t walking under that sign. I didn’t jog though, I ran, I really did go for it! L & S were at the side cheering me on like my own little fan club, so it spurred me on a bit more! I crossed the finish line at 47:30! And then went and collapsed in a heap on the grass…

L & S found me and told me they finished at 44 minutes, so I was actually quite proud of myself as I walked a lot more than they did but still only finished 3.5 minutes behind them.

We did it! 

Thank you to all our sponsors, we managed to reach our target.

I’m doing it again next year, but I’m definitely going to train this time, and lose a lot more weight beforehand! 

Proud of my medal! 

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