Heart-Melting Moments

I recently blogged about how J was getting on with being a big brother and how he had ‘improved’ since N was born. Every day he is just becoming more & more loving towards him, and it really makes my heart melt and brings a tear to my eye.

He still helps me with N – with nappy changes and getting him dressed etc. – but he is becoming so much more affectionate and sympathetic towards him too.

He has recently started giving him proper cuddles, arms round him and everything – he has never done this before. He doesn’t realise his own strength though and I sometimes have to tell him to be a little more gentle!

He really wants to pick him up too as he has seen me & Daddy doing it, but he’s still a bit little for that and he would drop him! When one of us goes to pick him up, he tries to as well.

When N is sick I usually say something along the lines of “Oh dear Noah”, and now J says it before me saying “Oh dear No No” in the cutest voice – that’s his cute nickname for him and it’s kind of sticking!

The last couple of weeks, J has also started trying to have a conversation with N. N smiles and coos at him, and it is just incredible to watch my boys bonding with each other. N really loves him. When J is playing or having one of his silly moments, N sits (on my knee of course!) and chuckles at him, it just really melts my heart and makes me all fuzzy inside.

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