Weight loss – week 3

So I’m on to week 3 of my new weight loss regime and joining up with other bloggers, on the quest to finally become a yummy yummy! 

First, my loss from last week (I weighed in on Saturday, but will update in this post every week) was 0.8 lbs – my goal for the week was 1 lb so I nearly made it. I’ve aimed for another 1 lb loss this week too. 

My exercise aim for this week was to exercise at least 3 times, which would hopefully help get the weight off. Well, as I said before, I’m a bit rubbish at this part, BUT I have walked more often than usual this week so hopefully that will have helped, and it does count as exercise…

I’ve mainly managed to stick to my eating plan. The other night I was really craving chocolate (which I have in the cupboard) but I resisted and had toast & marmalade instead. I went off plan yesterday, we went out for a carvery with the inlaws and as usual I ate too much… Though, we were going to stop at our favourite ice cream parlour on the way back but I changed my mind and decided to be good, yay me! The extra calories I consumed though, I will probably have evened out over the rest of the week. 

3 thoughts on “Weight loss – week 3

  1. Definitely, weight loss is a very hard but not an impossible. If you want to loosing your weight then you should do regular exercise and also apply some good diet plan.

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