Race For Life

Every two minutes someone in the UK is told they have cancer. My betting is, the majority of us probably know one of these people. Or know someone who knows one of these people. Or both. Both apply to me.

I’ve posted previously that my mother-in-law defeated breast cancer a few years ago, but unfortunately this horrible disease found its way back. We don’t know how long she will have left, hopefully another few years. However long, we are making the most of it. My Uncle recently passed away from cancer too. One of my virtual Mummy friends passed away from cancer, on Christmas Day last year.

We all hope, pray, that we will never be in the situation of those words being said to us; either telling us that we have fallen prey, or someone telling us that they have fallen prey. The reality is, it is very likely to happen. 

This year I am running the Race For Life with my friend and her cousin. Well, I say running, it will most likely be jogging & walking…

The Race For Life has been going strong since 1994, and six million women have raised over £493 million. This fundraising leads to life saving research  by Cancer Research UK.

So what I am rather cheekily asking, is that you dig deep and please sponsor us. Even 50p makes all the difference on the way to being able to save hundreds more lives. Please know, your sponsorship means a lot. 



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