I went for my follow up scan this morning, after there was still a bit of tissue left from the miscarriage. 

I’m glad I chose an early appointment as the nurse suggested, as there was only one other person there (also for the EPU I think) and they were obviously running on time so I was seen straight away (though we waiting outside in the cold for 5 minutes as no-one had turned up in reception yet). The nurse called me through and just asked about my bleeding and if I’d had any pain, my bleeding actually stopped last Wednesday/Thursday and I’ve had no further pain. 

I was then called in for the scan, I’m glad she asked if I wanted the screen on or off, if it had been on I think I would have cried, though I would have probably asked her to turn it off anyway or just not looked. She couldn’t see my womb lining clear enough to look for any small bits of tissue, so I had to go empty my bladder and have an internal. I’ve always dreaded having an internal (for whatever reason) but it was fine! She asked if I’d ever had one and I said “No, but I’ve had a HSG”, she said “Oh it isn’t as bad as that!”. So she carried it out, she said she could still see a tiny bit, less than a cm, left at the top, so it would most likely come away with my next period in the next 4-6 weeks which would be heavy, but she would speak to the nurse.

The nurse also said the same thing, that I should be fine, and if I got any pain or further bleeding then to go to the GP. So I have been discharged from the EPU, I can just ‘get on’ now without worrying. 

(Also thanks to my lovely friend for taking me as hubby had to work.)

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  1. huge hugs hun, i know how difficult this has been for you, and Im really proud of the way you have coped. much love to the three of you, and I hope you have an amazing first christmas as a family of three xx

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