3 of the Best Silver Christening Gift Ideas

3 of the Best Silver Christening Gift Ideas

Christenings are always a wonderful occasion – whether you’re religious or not, the ceremony is a lovely way for friends and family to celebrate the new addition together. It’s traditional to give gifts at christenings, and some people may struggle with what to buy. By the time the baby is christened, it’s likely that you already bought a gift when it was first born; in fact, the baby’s first birthday or Christmas could also already have passed, meaning you might have already bestowed quite a few presents upon the baby. So, what do you buy if you don’t want to give another toy or babygrow set? 

The most popular choice for christening gifts is to give a sentimental gift, something that can be a keepsake for years to come. Silver related gifts are really extremely popular when it comes to buying christening gifts. The tradition of giving silver as a gift to a newly christened baby dates back all the way back to the Victorian era. During this time, children often received silver spoons from their godparents – a custom that is still carried on by some today. However, the range of silver gifts available extends far beyond spoons. Here are just some options that you can choose from: 


One of the most popular baby gifts is a nice piece of jewellery. Silver lockets or bracelets are both good options, and can be bought for quite affordable price. One good idea is to buy a piece of jewellery that can be resized, so that the child can continue to wear it as it grows – in fact, many silver bangles are adjustable for this very reason. Alternatively, pieces of baby jewellery are excellent keepsakes which the parents may wish to store somewhere safe. 

Silver Coin Sets

If you are looking for something traditional yet a little bit different, then consider buying a silver coin set. The Royal Mint specifically design and manufacture a number of coin sets which are intended as christening gifts. Not only are they charming keepsakes, but their year-dated design means that they will always be a memento for the special year that the baby was christened. 

Engraved Silver Gifts

Finally, if you are looking for something that you can personalise, then consider getting a silver gift engraved. You can get almost anything engraved, and it certainly adds a nice personal touch to your gift. Getting the child’s name or initials engraved on the gift is a popular choice, along with the date of the christening. Something like a silver frame including a picture of the child being christened or even a personalized keepsake box would be perfect to get engraved.

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