Monday 1st July – 6w 1d
More strange dreams to report. This time it involved one of my forum buddies (let’s call her D – though she knows who she is anyway! I always seem to dream about them when pregnant). We all lived in Cleethorpes, the seaside town just down the motorway from me, and one day I had gone out without little man and hubby (little man was with grandparents, hubby at work). Whilst out I received a phone call from D telling me she knew what I was doing and if I spent less time on facebook maybe I would spend more time with my baby and hubby! Stalker much?… It was just…weird!

Tuesday 2nd July – 6w 2d
Another dream last night. This time it was a horrible one. I dreamed I had started bleeding, and I was terrified. Now twice I have dreamed I was pregnant just before I got my BFP, so I was also worried when I woke up, just in case. I’m pleased to report all is good though. I just hope it doesn’t come true at some point!

Wednesday 3rd July – 6w 3d
We really need to get out of the house! I’m getting cabin fever and little man is going through a terrible 2’s phase at the minute and is driving me crazy! We usually go to stay & play on a Tuesday and Thursday, but because I’m so tired in a morning and they start at 9am, we haven’t been for a couple of weeks. Going to go to bed a bit earlier the evening before I think. The weather is a bit nicer again mow though, so we will go for walks or to the park, or play outside.

Thursday 4th July – 6w 4d
I’ve done it again. I’ve become a celeb killer when I nap. It always happens when I’m pregnant. I go for a nap, wake up, and always the last to know another celeb has passed away. When pregnant with little man I killed Amy Winehouse, Jimmy Savile (but let’s not go there!), Betty Driver, and Etta James. When pregnant with angel bean I also killed Bill Tarmey. This time it was Bernie Nolan (R.I.P).

Saturday 6th July – 6w 6d
Today is two years since we got our BFP with little man! We’ve been playing out in the sun most of the day. Little man had a run around outside whilst Daddy was at work, then we walked to meet him. We then all went to a friends as their little girl had the big paddling pool out. I felt like jumping in myself! Absolutely shattered tonight, now little man never stops! No idea how I’ll cope in a few months with a huge bump to contend with. I’m a Mummy though, I just will! 


I'm Stacey, in my (very) early 30's, from a small village in North Lincolnshire. I'm a stay at home mum to two boys and a mental dog. You'll find me blogging mainly about food & lifestyle with a bit of random thrown in.

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