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So this is the last of N’s updates before he turns one year old. That’s right, at the next update I will have written a whole year of updates for my youngest baby. Who will no longer be a baby. (Sad face. Though don’t take that as a hint at any more babies – no thanks!).

As I mentioned in his ten month update he was due to be weighed at his ‘routine health check’ which I wrote about here along with a rant about the health visitor. He weighed 24lb 8oz meaning he had only gained 7oz since his last weigh in, so now he’s well on the move he seems to have slowed down a bit though he is still on the 98th centile, the chunky monkey! He also had his height measured and he was 75cm putting him on the 75th centile, so he’s going to be tall like J too. I think he has a longer body and shorter legs than his brother though. He seems to be cutting his bottles down himself and will some days only have two now; one at bed time and one in the morning or after lunch, depending on what time he wakes up and whether we are in or not. We’ve cut it down to 5oz now though as he wasn’t finishing them, and we will start to swap over to cow’s milk soon too. He’ll still eat practically anything you put in front of him and will often hover around us grunting like a piglet if we’re eating – so funny! He loves bananas and rice cakes at the minute.

He is turning into such a little mischievous fellow and has started fighting back when his brother is having a bad day. The first time was when they were both sat on the floor waiting for me to get ready to go out and N just leaned forwards and pushed J backwards – he’s a strong little guy, I’ll give him that! J wasn’t too happy about it and started crying – what goes around comes around I guess, though even though N doesn’t understand yet I do tell him off just so J doesn’t think that he gets told off and N gets away with it. He has also started crawling over J when he’s laid on the floor, and has even taken to sitting on his head a couple of times, eek! I think he’s going to be worse than his brother, oh joy! He is still a complete diva too and hates having his nappy changed and screams blue murder, but looks and laughs at us when he gets away, monkey!

We finally have some words – mama and dada (and yes I was first, woohoo!). Those are the only two so far, the rest of his noise is still just ‘ra ra ra ra ra’ or something along those lines! I’m expecting him to be a bit of a slow talker anyway as he his big brother talking for him, and he does enough of it! He now has another three teeth as well, making six in total. They are his top central incisors and the central four on the bottom. I think some more will start poking through soon too as his cheeks have been really red. Maybe he will have them all out of the way by his second birthday, unlike his big brother!

He isn’t walking unaided yet but he has finally started walking with his walker, and he is so proud of himself! He literally just stood up with it and started walking, no toppling or hesitation or anything and he can go rather fast. He still hasn’t stood unaided yet though I don’t think it will be long – maybe he will take his first steps by his first birthday!

As you can see, the littlest guy has been a busy boy this month!

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  1. Awww he is so adorable! what a little cutie 🙂

    1. I think so too hehe! Thank you 🙂

  2. those walkers are so funny, aren't they? I lost count of the number of times a day mine would get jammed in a corner of the room in theirs. ha ha

    1. Yeah, so cute when he tries getting out haha

  3. That little man is super cute! 🙂 x

    1. Thank you! 🙂

  4. Awe what a gorgeous smile!! He looks like he is doing just fine to me! Health visitors are so by the book that they over think it! If he was on the 25th centile there may be cause for concern!! Gorgeous little man!

    1. Oh I totally agree – the one I had with my first wasn't so bad but this one, jeez! Thank you 🙂

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