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Day 102 / April 12th
My comfy bottoms have been loose and falling down for a few weeks now, but I only just noticed the reason why – they need tightening! I might not be seeing my loss on the scales at the minute but it’s obviously showing in my clothes.

Day 103 / April 13th
Everybody was grumpy today but N wouldn’t go for a nap. We all went in my bedroom with J watching cartoons on my phone, I was reading, and N was playing then just wandered off. One minute I heard the toy laptop going off constantly and I thought he was just bashing it like usual, but then it went quiet and I went in to find him like this! (You know you’re the child of a blogger when…)

Day 104 / April 14th
This might just seem like a photo of a piece of blue paper. In actual fact, it is the clear sky on my walk to weigh in!

Day 105 / April 15th
As you can see by his clothes, J had fun at nursery today. He was also dancing and singing the minion banana song on the way home!

Day 106 / April 16th
The only photo I managed today, a quick photo to send to the people at Sock-Ons of N testing the new 12-18 month size.

Day 107 / April 17th
Lunch today – bacon, garlic & cheese stuffed mushrooms with cous cous sprinkled on top to make them crunchy, so yummy!

Day 108 / April 18th
Another food photo – I prepared a huge salad for the next few days, for breakfasts and snacks.

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