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Since we started weaning little man we have used the Organix brand – even now he especially loves the cheese & herb puffs; well he loves anything that tastes of cheese really! We have also used the fruit pots and breakfast cereals, but not the meals which we sent to try some of – from the Winter Warmers range (priced at £1.99 RRP, recommended for 1-3 years old). 

On their website Organix state:

Our Unique No Junk Promise guarantees our foods are made with nothing but the best-quality organic ingredients.

When buying ready made meals from brands, I think that this is at the top of most parents’ list as we want to feed our child with top quality healthy foods. Being a stay at home Mum, the majority of the time I cook most meals from scratch, but these Organix meals come in very handy when I just can’t be bothered to cook and hubby & I have a takeaway or a ready made off the shelf meal! They are made from ingredients that would normally be found in a home kitchen, and they only take a couple of minutes in the microwave, or you can even cook them on the hob but they obviously take a little longer.

We were sent three soups (Mighty Soups) – Hearty Root Veg & Beans, Tangy Tomato & Pasta, and Tasty Sweetcorn & Noodles:

And three meals (Mighty Meals) – Pasta Shells & Vegetables in a Tomatoey Sauce, Spaghetti with Pork & Bean Meatballs, and Hearty Veg, Bean & Lamb Hotpot.

The Mighty in the name stays true to form, as the meals are packed with chunky ingredients so there is plenty of texture and goodness in there. The same goes for the soups, they are not just standard ‘liquid’ soups so they are a bit more interesting for little mouths.

Hearty Veg, Bean & Lamb Hotpot

I own up to even having a little taste as they smell yummy, and I would actually eat it myself! The portion sizes are just right and pretty much equivalent to what I would serve up, though little man is a real gannet and I think he would actually eat more if there was more in it! 

Little man is a pasta fan so he especially enjoyed the pasta shells and the spaghetti. He was a bit wary of the soups at first, but I think that’s because he has rarely had soup before so it was a new way of eating for him, but he soon became accustomed to it. 

Overall I think these meals are good value, tasty, and I would use them again if we were in a rush or I was not in a cooking mood. There are also other delicious sounding flavours which we will probably try. 

Our rating – 4/5

We were sent this product free of charge to review. All thoughts & opinions are honest and our own. 

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