Project 365 – Week 41 (days 278 – 284)

Day 278 / October 5th
J got this rocking horse for Christmas last year – he still plays on it but we thought we would try N on it (holding him of course). He’s only 7 months and he reaches the bottom already!

Day 279 / October 6th
It was my birthday today and I was supposed to be doing my skydive but the weather was terrible so I had to rearrange it for next week. I was terrified to do it but totally gutted when I couldn’t!

Day 280 / October 7th
I used to get hand made cards all the time before my mum-in-law passed away (so I haven’t had any for over a year) so I was happy when I got these ones.

Day 281 / October 8th
J had to walk home from nursery today as the boys’ Uncle took N out for a few hours so he had the pushchair, but it was a perfect opportunity for leaf collecting.

Day 282 / October 9th
Testing out a fabulous review delivery, to be on the blog soon.

Day 283 / October 10th
A bit of a stressful day today so time for my favourite caramel latte from the Tassimo, when the boys went to bed.

Day 284 / October 11th
I love seeing the boys playing together so I was mega happy to capture one of these rare moments when they are both still.
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