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Being a parent, mornings can really seem like a chore. Getting the children up (if they don’t get up before you!), getting them breakfast, getting them ready for school (or nursery), feeding the baby (if you have one of those, like me, of course), getting out the door, getting to school. And then when you get home you’re on a chore again to get those things done that you can’t whilst they’re at home.

With all this rushing around, you probably don’t even get time for a decent breakfast – I know sometimes I don’t, even on days without a nursery run to do! That’s where Belvita comes in with their range of breakfast biscuits. In just one packet there is a yummy breakfast to keep you going for four hours, and best of all you can eat it on the go.

With all the rushing around of a Mum, there needs to be something to make the early morning just a little bit brighter. My favourite morning win has to be when the children sleep in, which gives me time to actually have some breakfast in peace without little eyes prying and little hands stealing! Though often it’ll still be Belvita as I can eat it quickly and whilst doing some chores – no rest for the wicked brilliant! On the flip side of this, when J gets up before me but stays in his room to play so letting Mummy have even an extra 10 minutes, that makes me feel a bit more human!

On nursery days, my main morning win is always when J wakes up happy as I know dropping him off will be easier as he’ll go in running & smiling which just makes my day as I don’t have to do the Mummy worry thing. We walk to nursery and it’s only a short walk around the corner, but when there is no traffic so I don’t have to wait to cross the road, that is a morning win too as it means I can relax knowing we will get there on time. 
I was sent three boxes of Belvita breakfast biscuits to try for the #MorningWin challenge – apricots, hazelnuts, and chocolate chips. As always when given a choice with chocolate, I was immediately drawn to this one… There is just the right amount of chocolate in these, as anything with too much chocolate – especially first thing in the morning – makes me feel a little bit sick. These were perfect though with the crunch of the biscuit too against the smoothness of the chocolate. All Belvita biscuits have that crunch, but the hazelnut ones are extra crunchy with the nutty addition and have a lovely flavour to them. One of my other favourite breakfast combinations is crunch and fruit so I really liked the apricot ones – these ones were a little chewy though due to the dried apricot but I did enjoy them. In order of preference I would put chocolate chip at the top, then apricot, then hazelnut. 
All hail the morning wins!
What’s your #MorningWin?
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  1. I remember the rush of nursery runs well. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

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