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Even though he’s now 2 years old, little man J is still teething. His first tooth came through at 9 months old, and he still only has 12 full teeth – 13 & 14 are currently on their way through! I use teething powders for him which seem to help, but when he’s really bad he won’t eat much; so when the lovely people at Plum Baby got in touch to try out some of their new Little Yums teething wafers I gladly obliged. 

Little Yums are light, delicious wafers made with the nutritious ancient grain buckwheat, plus fruit and veggies. They’re the perfect first snack for little teethers: the wafer dissolves easily in your baby’s mouth and is easy to hold, which encourages self-feeding. The unique fruit and vegetable combinations we’ve created are designed to delight tiny taste buds with the natural flavours of our delicious and nutritious ingredients.

The wafers are stage 1 so can be eaten even from 6 months old. Though of course they should be supervised, and given to babies who are already used to chewing solid foods. They come in two flavour varieties – pumpkin & banana, and spinach, apple & kale. The packaging they arrived in was very eye catching due to the bright colours, so even the box would appeal to little ones! In each box are 6 packs of 3 wafers, the foil packets match the box so are eye catching too. As usual with Plum products, all ingredients in the wafers are organic which is appealing. 

J loves his food so as soon as I took a packet out of the box he was running to see what it was. I told him they were biscuits so he would eat them (naughty Mummy I know, feeding him biscuits! Not very often though…). I opened the packet for him and he did his normal inspection of a new food before tucking in. After his first bite he didn’t spit it out so he must have liked them. He chomped his way through the whole packet, though after the first couple he did take a while to eat the last one, so I’m not sure if younger children would eat them all in one go. He ate the pumpkin & banana ones quickest so I’m guessing they were his preferred flavour (though banana is one of his favourite fruits anyway!).

The RRP of each box of Little Yums is £2.49 which works out at just over 40p a packet so I think they are well worth the money for little teethers to snack on and I will probably buy them for little man N when he starts teething too. 

Our rating – 4/5


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  1. These do sound fab. Great review! Will be keeping them in mind when we hit the teething stage again #triedtested

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