Best Foods to Give Your Teething Toddler

Best foods to give your teething toddler

Taking care of your child is one of the toughest, but most rewarding jobs in the world. Part of raising children means teaching them right from wrong. Being a parent can also mean countless sleepless nights and a lot of nappies. But most of all, parenting involves raising a happy and healthy child.

Children begin getting their first teeth around 7 to 11 months of age. It is a painful process where your little one might cry uncontrollably at night and may even stop eating. While some parents turn to metaphysical elements, such as the healing properties of amber gemstones, others may opt for over-the-counter medications for assistance with pain management.

Whatever way you choose to handle the situation, it is important for you to know the right foods to feed your kids during this ordeal, as to avoid causing them further distress while maintaining their health and well-being. Listed below are some food items that have been reported to be both nutritious and comforting for your baby during the teething process. Read more

Our April | Trains, crafts, and pre-school

Our April - trains, crafts, pre school

It’s a miracle – I’m actually writing our April favourites at the beginning of the following month, instead of the end! Now Noah has started pre-school, I have three mornings a week to get more work done – not that it’s actually happened, mind…

The first week of April was pretty jam packed. Half term had started and The Husband had a week off, so we had a few days out. He was back to work for the second week of half term so it was just me and the boys. We didn’t really go out anywhere (hello anxiety, and disliking taking them out on my own the majority of the time) but we had some fun outside and did some crafts. Then it was back to school for Jacob, and N’s first day of pre-school!

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Kiddyum frozen ready meals | Review

Kiddyum frozen meals

Recently we were asked if the boys would like to try some Kiddyum frozen ready meals. Both boys eat quite a varied diet, but Jacob has previously been a very fussy eater so I have found it incredibly difficult to cook for him. It has got better now and he eats more and tries more, but he is still fussy in some areas. Noah has always been a really good eater and tries anything you put in front of him (he’s such a little piglet) but he is just starting to go through that toddler refusing food stage.

I will almost always cook meals from scratch for us and the boys, but on the days we are rushing around and hubby & I don’t eat until later in the evening (like on weigh in days) a quick & easy but healthy meal is a great help. Usually it will end up being scrambled egg & beans on toast (Jacob’s favourite!) but I do prefer to give them a ‘proper’ meal with plenty of goodness. Read more

Review – Organix Goodies carrot snacks (celebrating International Carrot Day!)

Did you have any idea that there was such a thing as International Carrot Day? No, me neither! It was recently celebrated on the 4th April and the lovely people at Organix sent the boys some Goodies Carrot Stix and Goodies Carrot Cake Oaty Bars to celebrate with. But before we bring you our review, here are some fun facts about carrots:

  • Carrots were one of the first vegetables ever grown by man
  • Carrots aren’t always orange, they can be purple, red, white or yellow too!
  • The carrot that Bugs Bunny eats is called the Danvers carrot
  • The carrot is a member of the parsley family

N eats carrots, but J doesn’t at the moment so I thought these would be a great way to get the goodness into him. The Carrot Stix are just what they say, baked carrot flavour sticks with a sprinkling of coriander, and much healthier than an average packet of snack crisps. The Oaty Bars are baked using juicy fruit and wholegrain oats. 

The boys shared the Carrot Stix at snack time and both gobbled them up so they were a winner. I had a try too and they were quite nice, with the coriander it gave them more flavour than just carrot. They have been eating the Oaty Bars as snacks too and are really handy to keep in their bag when going out. They’re just the right size for a small child and lovely & soft with a definite carrot flavour. J asks for another one when he is finished so he definitely likes them! And N gobbled his down too, like with most things…

Organix Goodies Carrot Stix (RRP £2.49 x 4 packs) and Carrot Cake Oaty Bars (RRP £2.49 x 6 bars) can be purchased from the Organix website or selected supermarkets. 

Our rating – 4.5/5

We were sent these products free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & our own.

Organix Goodies chunky fruit bars | Review

My boys definitely take after their Mummy & Daddy – they love food and barely ever stop eating. Despite them snacking through the day – usually on fruit – we have a set snack time falling between 10am & 10.30am where they will sit down together and share a small plate of various snacks; it also gives me a chance to get a few jobs done as they rarely fight when they are eating!

J often asks for treats (sweets or chocolate!) but I prefer to give them something such as fruit, rice cakes, crackers, bread sticks or small cubes of cheese. The Organix Goodies chunky fruit bars they were recently sent to review are perfect for J thinking that he is getting a treat when in actual fact it is just 100% fruity goodness (N doesn’t mind as long as it’s food!).

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