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With previously living in a bad area for the past few years, home security has always been very high on the agenda for us. At the top of that list was always making sure the doors were locked, even when we were home. We own a lot of expensive technology items and with living in a ground floor flat, there was easy visibility and access to our home so we had to make sure we were secure at all times – including closing the curtains when we left the home!

Since we have moved out to a small village in the open countryside though, we have been a lot more lax about our security. This is probably actually the wrong thing of us to do, as I guess because we don’t expect crime here, we are a more likely target for some. We live next to a river bank and often don’t think twice about not locking the door when we go for a walk along it – but being at the end of a very long drive also, it would be easy for a crime to take place on our property without our noticing.

This infographic from Chill Insurance was really surprising for me (especially the locking of the fridge!) – take a look and see what you think.

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