The ‘Berry’ Pregnancy Diaries – week 21

Thursday 17th October – 21w 1d
So excited we have our scan tomorrow! I still have no inkling of the gender whatsoever, but from previous scans and my bump, I would say 75% of people have commented that they think it’s a girl. I just don’t know! 

Friday 18th October – 21w 2d
Today was scan day! I wasn’t feeling as nervous as usual, only slightly, I was just excited to see our berry again. We’d already decided that we were going to have a surprise, but I knew I would still be tempted. I was able to empty my bladder a little before the scan, yet again, as I have such a weak bladder I always feel like I’m going to pee myself at any moment! Berry was being very wriggly as per usual, and all is well. When the sonographer asked if we wanted to know the sex, I immediately had to say no as if I’d had time to think about it I’m sure I would have said yes! So as it stands, we are having a yellow one! 

It’s been a kind of bittersweet day today though, as it’s also exactly one year since we found out we were expecting our little angel. 

Saturday 19th October – 21w 3d
I completely forgot that I walked into a sign yesterday, until I woke up with a sore and bruised head this morning. Baby brain at its best…

Monday 21st October – 21w 5d
Little man has started blowing raspberries on my tummy – for 5 minutes straight earlier, we were both in fits of laughter! Though I’ve been absolutely shattered today. Have felt like I could have slept alllllllll day. 

Though maybe that was because of my dream last night. I kept getting kidnapped by the Volturi, and Taylor Lautner/Jacob Black kept rescuing me in his truck, which also happened to have Free Willy on the back as he’d rescued him too. 

Tuesday 22nd October – 21w 6d
I’m hoping the dark mornings encourage little man to sleep later – I had an hour lie in this morning because it was dark so he never woke up! He was in our bed though, and he does tend to sleep for longer in there. I can only hope, I feel like I need all the sleep I can get! 

At 21 weeks, berry is the size of a carrot.
The digestive system is developed enough to start absorbing water and sugar from amniotic fluid.
The bone marrow has developed enough to contribute to blood cell formation.
Visible eyebrows, eyelashes and hair on the scalp are developing.
There is a lot of movement now and patterns may be able to be tracked.
Lanugo has started to develop.

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