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One year ago today my mother-in-law passed away after a battle with cancer. I don’t think I need to write how heartbroken we all were (and still are, in fact).
Little man J was only 16 months old at the time so he didn’t really know what was going on but we try not to let him forget her.
Something strange happened in the early hours of yesterday morning. We were all in bed sleeping, and as usual around 2 am, I heard that J had climbed out of bed and was stood at his gate shouting for me. Usually when I go to him I say to him to go back to bed and I will stay with him until he falls asleep – granted I usually do too until morning – and he sleepily wanders back and climbs back in, and goes back to sleep. 
Not this time though. This time, he stood rigid. Then he started backing slowly towards me stood behind him, and was pointing to the window saying “No”. He has never done anything like this before. I called Daddy to try and get him back in bed but he just wouldn’t have it. We pondered and then decided it would be best if he came in with us.
We gave him a kiss & a cuddle and gestured him to go back to sleep so he wouldn’t wake N, but he looked scared. He kept saying “No in bedroom”. We asked him what was wrong and he said “Night night Grandma”. My Mum is called Nanna so he wouldn’t have been referring to her. We told him that she didn’t want to hurt him, if she was there.
I was really freaked out. Now I’m not one that usually believes in the paranormal and such, but this was just strange. Practically on the anniversary of her death. In fact, at this point she was in a coma. We hadn’t mentioned her at any time before bed, or that it was the anniversary as J wouldn’t really understand anyway. But the fact he had said “Night night Grandma” when he wasn’t even saying that when she died.
I’m in two minds. Like I said, I don’t really believe in this kind of stuff so can’t really fathom it, but just the way it happened. Strange. Spooky. Maybe she was there.
They say children are more susceptible to this kind of stuff, don’t they?
Have you ever had any kind of strange, spooky, paranormal activity happen to you?

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  1. Oh that's a bit discombobulating! They do say children are more susceptible and I often felt that The Boy was looking at someone else in his bedroom when he was under 2 years old, mum even offered to get someone in. In the end I decided if it was, it would have been a grandparent of mine visiting as no-one has died in this house.

    Sorry for your loss, it's a difficult time.

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