Start Sticking To A Healthy Lifestyle Routine

As human beings, we like to think we can’t be ‘programmed’ to do anything. We’re free spirits, nothing can truly get into our minds and force us to do something we don’t agree with. On the one hand, this is true, but on the other, this is what causes many of our ills in modern society. Routine is something that is welcomed by all living creatures. It gives us stability, consistency and we can achieve more if we stick to a plan. Losing weight is one of these issues that has galvanized the public because we’re told that there’s some new product that has ‘the secret’ to shedding all those pounds off our bodies. But it’s simply a marketing ploy, most of the time. What will work is a healthy lifestyle routine.

Sleep and wake

Going to sleep at the right time is such an underrated health boost. We have so much entertainment and things to do with our hands, (including our pesky smartphone), that getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep is so rare these days. But waking up at the right time is equally beneficial because we have more hours in the day and this allows us to get more done. Alarm clocks are a daily necessity that will help you get up on time. There are countless styles to choose from, such as the classic round medium black ‘single bell’ table clock. The art-deco square alarm clock is also quite popular. Any of these alarm clocks are better than your smartphone. Even if you place your smartphone away, you can use voice commands to turn off the alarm. With a physical alarm, you have to get up to shut it off, and that forces you out of bed.

Lunch is not to be ‘enjoyed’

It’s so harsh at first, to think of lunch as merely a fuel stop. But, it is. We’re at work, we need to carry on and get to 5pm. Lunches that are unhealthy are far too common in the modern world. They’re quick, easy, cheap and yes, they’re full of fat and carbs. Well, when you start to make your own lunch from home, only using healthy recipes, you will start to see that lunch is more about topping up your energy levels. Carbs are not good for any meal beyond midday. The complex carbs are heavy and they take a lot of energy to break down. This is why we feel like sleeping right after a sandwich, plate of rice or bowl of pasta. Instead, you should have meals with instant energy refills to your body, such as nuts, meat, cheese and fruit.  

Early dinners

When you come home from work, it’s easy to lounge around a few hours before making dinner. But studies have shown eating dinner between 6pm and 6:30pm is the optimum time for your health. This allows your body time to digest the meal and make the nutrients available to your body to be used for repairing and healing while you sleep.

Start putting more focus on your lifestyle routine before choosing what diet you want to go on. As long as you can stick to it, you will reap the rewards of healthy eating. 

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