A Lego x Harry Potter party! (With a free menu printable!)

Many of my friends will know how much I love organising parties, but I didn’t have any plans for one for either of the boys’ birthdays this year. Quite simply because Jacob just cannot deal with the amount of people these days. For Noah’s birthday treat we took him to the local trampoline park and then out to Pizza Hut. It was quite last minute that we decided Jacob could have a few friends over for a tea party, and of course it had to have a theme to it. Because he is obsessed with both Lego and Harry Potter, we decided to cross the two; hence a Lego x Harry Potter themed tea party was born!

This was only two weeks before his birthday so as usual, Pinterest came to the rescue! I wanted a mixture of Harry Potter and Lego food & decor, rather than Harry Potter Lego. Considering the time frame I had, I think I did pretty well!

Harry Potter party robe

I didn’t actually get chance to take many planned photos because by the time everything was ready, it was school pick up time. Then throw five excited children into the mix, and it’s nigh on carnage! Maybe I’ll just have to have to do a mini tea party for the boys and make the food all over again 😉


Most of the food was Harry Potter themed as it was a bit more difficult and time consuming to create Lego themed food. I even made a menu which you can find here to print yourself!

Broomsticks made of pretzel sticks and cheesestrings

Cupcakes with golden decoration

Grapes, rice krispie squares, cocktail sausages

Sorting hat reveal cupcakes, blue centre

Cucumber sticks, carrot sticks, sandwiches

Lego Harry Potter cake


We had a mixture of Harry Potter and Lego decor. The Husband & I painstakingly created a “pin the head on the Lego man” game, and I printed off an invisibility cloak sign for an easy decor idea.

Bertie Lego head, lego face drawn on yellow jug

Platform 9 & 3 quarters sign

Party bags

I conjured up (geddit?) these Harry Potter x Lego party bags. Inside each was a handmade wand, a Lego minifigure, a Harry Potter character mini notebook, and a Harry Potter themed sweetie cone which I made up. Inside the sweet cones were a chocolate frog, Bertie Blott’s every flavour beans, Gringotts coins, golden eggs, and some slithery snakes!

Lego face and Harry Potter glasses and scar party bags

Party bag contents, Lego minifigure, wand, sweet cone

Harry Potter themed sweet cones

All of the children had a great time, and I’m kinda wishing I had a party bag too!

4 thoughts on “A Lego x Harry Potter party! (With a free menu printable!)

  1. Happy Birthday Jacob, I know its late (apologies) he is indeed looking like a harry potter I also have a craze for harry potter and it great to see people following the trend 🙂

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